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9/16/2014 6:43 PM

I trying to understand how Localization and Localized content works, in very detail.
And I have few questions. I guess (fear in some cases) that most of the questions would be reply with a yes, (that will mean I have done a good investigation job)

Q1: Localizating a DNN site, by installing several languages, just add the functionality of showing menus (and some content) in the different languages, everything from the resx files. Isn't it?

Q2: In that case, if we want to implement, lets say the a landing page in two languages, we should (for example) create a own resx file and add a html that check the language and loads the corresponding text. Isn't it?

Further functionality, add the option of "Enable Localized Content",  in that cases, pages can be chose between neutral, and translated. 

Q3: If we do not check "Make all pages translatable", is it possible to create some pages translatable, and other neutral (common for all languages), and still manage the title in different languages of the global pages trough resx files. Isn't it?

Q4: When a page is translatable, DNN create several separate pages, one for each language, that can be synchronize, but do not need to,  so modules (let's say social groups) will be different and exclusionary from one to another. Isn't it ?  (a coarse way to describe it, would be two pages, with different  "languages-security-roles") 

Q5: Modules like, let's say Events, do not offer any functionality to have the title/description in different languages, whereas the DNN is multilingual or Localized content, isn't it?

The scenario that I am developing, is a website with agenda and social groups (and few static pages like landing/about/etc) for a country with several dialects (Spain with all its Catalan, Basque, and several others). All users are able (or should be) to read the main language (Spanish) but pages like landing/about/etc (mostly static) should be in all dialects. 

Modules like events, should be either used in main language, either in the dialects, and sure a users should be seen all of the events whereas the language. Preferable, a event should be able to have  title/description in more than one language (yes, users will be willing to do so) 

With social groups would be a similar thing, some of them will be "exclusive" (I mean used only by people with same dialect), but others can contain conversation in more than one language, and accessible whereas the language used by the user

So the questions is between enable the different languages, and keep content "unlocalized", and use something like own resx files for static pages like landing/about/etc. 
Or complicate DNN with "localized content" and find-out how we could deal with that requirements (meaning that a DNN site with localized content is more difficult to architecturally design)


Sorry for long post, I know is not a easy one, but if DNN can host so web-solutions as claimed, I believe it should be possible to deal with mine.

Personally, I found strange, that enabling localized content, pages are duplicated, up the extend, that pages can be completely different and modules installed in them work as different modules with no connection between them. 

thanks in advance.


NOTE: Some of the links I have been studding, among plenty of other ones:

HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Language and In...Language and In...Localization and Localized content 101 for a multidialect site Localization and Localized content 101 for a multidialect site

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