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4/23/2014 7:49 PM


I'm using DNN 7.1.2, and just noticed that on web pages where I have more than one Vertical Links module (ie. a dropdown list), there is a problem occurring.

Here's what happens:

 - An option is selected in one of the dropdowns list, causing a new page or document to be opened in the same browser window.

 - The "back" button is selected and the browser returns to the page with the mulitple dropdown lists, the selected option is still showing in the dropdown which was selected before.

  - Now an option is selected in a different dropdown list, which should open a different page/document, but what happens, is the page or document from the previous selection (from the first dropdown) is returned in the browser.

 (This problem occurs in Mozilla & Chrome but not in IE8...)

 Can you help?

 Thank you! :)


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4/24/2014 1:25 PM
It sounds like the same method is being fired on both drop down lists and it's reading the value from the first one only.

What module are you using? Is that a standard DNN module or a custom module?

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4/24/2014 2:07 PM

Thanks for the reply.

They are standard DNN Links modules set as Control Type: Dropdown & List Format: Vertical.

I think the problem would go away if, after I hit the "Back" button and return to the page with the Links dropdowns, the one which was previously selected would reset to the "selected" option. That's what is occurring in IE. In the other browsers (at least Chrome & Firefox) , the previous selection persists in the dropdown when I go "back" to the original page.

But sounds like a more solid fix would have to do with which method is associated with each list, as you suggest. 

Here's a link to a page exhibiting this problem. Those three dropdowns in the upper right. The behavior is a bit inconsistent: It appears that the top list is the main offender - when that one is selected first, and the page is returned to, and then  one of the others is selected, the selection from the top list still displays (again, in  Chrome & Firefox).

 Thanks and let me know if I can explain better.





New Post
4/25/2014 7:37 AM
It does seem to be the first DDL.

The only thing different from that one and the other 2 is the first item that you have as a place holder (I want information about:).

I set up multiple link modules on a test page locally and couldn't replicate the issue although I don't know how to add the first default item like you have in your first DDL. Also, how did you get them to post when the selection is made? I don't see that option. I see a link titled "GO" that posts the page.

Have you tried deleting and recreating the first DDL? And I'm not sure this is better but would you be able to combine all 3 DDL's in to 1?

New Post
4/25/2014 3:32 PM
Thanks again for looking into this.

What is the difference between them exactly? All three of the DDL's have a place holder as the first option in the list ("I Want Information About", "Online Services", "Elected Officials, respectively).

What makes those links into place holders, is that there is no link entered in the "Link:" field, inside the module's Link settings ( I did this on purpose). Each of those top "placeholder" options has the attribute selected="selected" in the source. I think this is automatic behavior for the first option in a DDL in a Links module (whether it is a placeholder or not - just checked this on a test page and it is true).

Not sure how to answer your next question about getting them to "POST". I just filled out the Links module settings. There was nothing about"POST" (or "GET") in there. Not sure where you see a "GO" link.

Haven't tried recreating the DDL, but I see this behavior on a different page I am developing now with two DDLs. So I don't see any reason why re-doing it would make any difference. And no, I can't combine them into one.

Thanks again... any other ideas?

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