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8/29/2013 1:10 PM

First let me say congrats to Peter for this heroic act of rescuing the Blog functionality for the open source DNN community by rewriting this module. The results are great. A few teething issues, but we'll get by them.

In upgrading from 5.0 I find that some blogs have empty summary messages. This is due to an apparent change in the time of execution of the summary model (using Independent from body option). In previous Blog module versions, if you enabled 'Auto Generate Missing Summary' and left the summary blank, the module would generate the summary for you at the time of the summary display. It would take the first x body characters and populate the screen where the summary should be. When you went back to Edit, the summary was still blank. Return to View and the auto-generation happened again.

Now, the auto-generation of the summary in version 6 happens only when you are editing the post and happen to go into the Summary and Metadata tab. The summary then gets auto-generated, and then you Save. So now the summary is no longer blank.

This new approach has two problems, as I see it: 

1) Blogs that previously relied on auto-generate to create the whole posting from the main post are left with blanks after upgrading to version 6. Yes, you can re-generate them, but you must go into the Summary and Metadata tab for each of the existing hundreds or thousands of blog posts.

2) Making changes to the beginning of an existing main post no longer causes that change to be created in the summary listing of the blog. Previous versions let you keep the summary blank and just edit the main blog entry; the changes were then shown in both the summary view and the blog article view.

So I am hoping that others will agree with me that we need to have version 6.x return the summary auto-generate function timing back to the old way, generating it at the View time instead of at the Edit time.

HomeHomeDNN Open Source...DNN Open Source...Module ForumsModule ForumsBlogBlogBlog 6 summary message emptyBlog 6 summary message empty

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