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8/17/2013 10:22 AM


Does anyone know of a module that can allow easy installation of modules on multiple pages? I know about 'Display on all pages' setting but that is not what I need and is fraught with pitfalls (like it really means ALL pages).

So this would be sort of a like a Display on all pages type function but it would allow you to choose the pages and pane that you wanted to copy those modules to from the source module. 

I have a site I am building with over 800 pages. We did not have the final template nailed down until about half of the pages were already installed. So I used the template with the 3 modules I wanted in the side pane for many of the new pages but still have loads I would need to go back in to and add those modules 1 at a time on each page. I might not be able to handle that mentally or physically.

Something sort of like this - which I installed and it does not work on DNN 7 and it looks like an orphaned project with no contact email.

Any advice would be appreciated,

Will Sugg, Maine, USA

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8/20/2013 2:57 AM
Hi Will,
I had plan to build a kind of module through which admin can add a module to selected pages from the portal and can remove the same. I was searching similar kind of module and came across one.
Check this . This satisfies the requirement some how. I have not tested it.

Sunil Kumar [ DNN Developer, Mindfire Solutions,India ]
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8/20/2013 3:05 AM
X-Shadow is another module that can help you with this.  It's free, click here to download it.

Professional DNN Extensions, custom solutions and mobile apps since 2003.
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8/20/2013 9:04 AM
Many thanks Chris and Sunil. It is actually Inventua Shadow that I want to copy to all the pages. And xshadow is cool but works only for text/html modules.

On my left side panel I have a WatchersNET menu module that displays pages in the section you are in (many of those pages are hidden from the main menu). Then below it I have 2 instances of Inventua Shadow that shadow a 'donate now' and 'join our mailing list' module.

So I have loads of pages to get those on. I am testing out STS Module Manager which looks like it should do the job but it is so slow and buggy that I have not been able to get it to work and it is not copying over the content and settings, which puts you having to go into each page anyway so why bother with that module.

If some whiz could take the 'Display module on all pages' and let you filter out menu tree branches and/or pages NOT to put it on that would do the trick. Because then you are making copies of the modules and their contents in the correct pane. And the advantage of using Inventua Shadow instead of text/html is that it makes all the copies you install out there 'read only' in the you see Shadow options only, not edit function. This is good if several folks are working on the site.


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8/20/2013 9:22 AM

X-Shadow also provides a copy, it's not a new instance.  But if your looking to reference other module types it won't work for you.  The key feature for X-Shadow is that it will actually shadow HTML modules on other portals.   I was asked to build it by several people that host a multi-portal environment and they wanted to display a message to their customers portals by simply editing a single HTML module on their master portal.

I can build what your looking for, it would definitely be useful. I've needed such a tool many times in the past but it wasn't such a big deal I decided to build a tool for it.

 Are there any other features your looking for or that would be helpful?

Professional DNN Extensions, custom solutions and mobile apps since 2003.
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Looking for multiple page module management Looking for multiple page module management

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