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4/15/2013 5:41 AM

Hi everyone

Mostly we're all about going forward and using the latest technology, telling everyone to upgrade, but in a few rare cases, the client really demands the site to be viewable in older browsers like Internet Explorer 8. While most special features like transparency, round corners and stuff like that can be overlooked, this issue is something that really spoils the view. The logo has gone missing!

I've done a good deal of testing myself to find a solution, but what I've found so far is really confusing, and so I'm here asking for help to find out what I've overlooked.

I've tested the missing logo thing using one of dotnetnukes own old skins "minimal extropy pro" on a test site called When I use the same image for logo and inside a HTML module on the page, the logo goes missing in IE8 while the image in HTML is shown. I've tried to view the source in IE8 using firebug, but it shows me that the image in the logo is simply removed / non-existing. When viewed in other browsers, the logo image is displayed correctly.

Further, I've tried to view another of our client homepages, and here the logo is actually displayed correctly even in Internet Explorer 8. That means there must be something in that skin which makes the logo display correctly in Internet Explorer 8, which is missing in some other skins... but what could that be?

If anyone got an idea about what could cause this problem with the logo, please let me know :)

Kind Regards

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4/16/2013 9:10 AM

Got a site/URL we can look at?


New Post
4/16/2013 9:23 AM
Jeff Cochran wrote:

Got a site/URL we can look at?


it's already in there, but I guess it's hard to read it when it's not marked as a link...

Site with missing logo:

Site that works (with same base skin):

I hope that clears it up :-)

New Post
4/16/2013 9:41 AM
Using IE9 both display the picture carousel. Using compatibility mode (I don't have IE8) both do not.

So I suspect they both have the same problem. Did you try validating the HTML? magventure does not validate I didn't try the other one.

First I would try getting the HTML valid.

Best wishes,
- Richard
Agile Development Consultant, Practitioner, and Trainer
New Post
4/16/2013 10:46 AM
Hi Richard

Thanks for your input, it's great to get some new angles on this issue :)

I checked both sites using, and they both have a bunch of errors (actually has more than Most of these errors are caused by our dotnetnuke version 6.1.5 not being completely compatible with HTML5 although it should have been since version 6.1 (dnn goes mobile as we all know). After checking up on all the errors, I found that none are directly related to the logo. (it's all about meta-tags and header stuff generated by dotnetnuke). If it's anything with these errors, it's because some of the css links doesn't load correctly.

To make sure it's not related to HTML5 and Internet Explorer 8, I double checked the doctype of both sites. It's HTML5 on both, and only 1 has the problem, meaning it's not that.

While it can never hurt to optimize the HTML to be valid, Internet Explorer in particular is known for NOT following the public webstandards for validation in their older versions (8 and below), so I'm afraid it might turn out to be a wild goose chase to try and get the HTML validated.

If anyone got anything else, feel free to add your input :)

Kind Regards
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Skins, Themes, ...Skins, Themes, ...Logo gone missing when viewed in Internet Explorer 8Logo gone missing when viewed in Internet Explorer 8

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