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3/8/2007 3:39 PM

A number of people have enhanced the Authentication to meet their requirements and I'm thinking a central thread might be a good idea. If there's something that a number of others think would be useful I'll try to incorporate it into the next version of the AD Fix. If you've made an enhancement that you think would be beneficial to others and are willing to share your changes could you post the reasons you made the ehancement and your code changes. If you already posted your code changes then post the link to the post that contains them.

Thanks everyone.

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3/8/2007 3:56 PM

sconard's fix in this thread so that intranet users get logged in automatically but external user's don't get asked for credentials as soon as they visit the site sounds like a good one.

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3/8/2007 5:12 PM

Good idea - here are the changes I have made.

NOTE:  I am in a AD only environment - no one logs in with username/password.  Some of this code may have changed since its posting, so let me know before code compile for updated samples.

Eliminate Domain Name from UserName - no need to have the domain prefix

Preserve Login Parameters - with the redirect through windowssignin.aspx, querystring information is lost - this is a fix for that.

Password Being Used in AD Environment - the user's password is not stored in AD in my environment but the password is used as part of the login process.  Changed to only use the GetUser(username)

Modified AddLog stored proc to update lastaccess and lastactivity values since these seemed to have stopped working through code several revisions ago.

Related Stuff:
Switch User Module - if your network account is set as Administrator (or even edit rights on a page), this module will take care of switching between accounts to let you see the page as a normal user.

User Manager Module - I have an AJAX powered user manager which has allowed me to bulk add/remove users using AD and manage what groups they are in.

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3/9/2007 11:13 AM
  DNN AD Fix

This is a Dotnetnuke source update which changes the behavior of the ADSI (Active Directory)component.

When installed on your Dotnetnuke install this update will make it so:

  • All newly created users will now have their Time zone set to the portal time zone.
  • Users profiles are updated from Active Directory every time they access the DNN site.
  • The Display Name field is now populated in DNN from Active Directory.
  • DNN Roles and AD Roles are now sychronized each time a user accesses your DNN site.

This seems like a MUST for any Intranet setup of Dotnetnuke.

  • Great for Intranets!
  • Easy to install, takes a few seconds!
  • Includes easy install instructions.
  • Comes with the source. (:hint: :hint:)
  • Doesn't fade your whites!


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New Post
3/9/2007 12:51 PM
Heh I assumed everyone knew about that one Stuart.
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