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10/25/2006 12:32 PM
Yesterday I upgraded from 4.0.2 to 4.3.5.  I used the Upgrade package and just extracted it over my old directory, using the new web.config.  I then upgraded the Documents module to the latest (3.01.05).  Now, whenever I try to download a file in the Documents module it tries to download LinkClick.aspx.

I went through this forum and saw another post mentioning that LinkClick.aspx should not exist in the DNN directory, however I had a copy there (leftover from 4.0.2?).  I renamed this file (and the associated .vb file), however I continued to get the LinkClick.aspx as the file being downloaded.

I then read another post saying the following:
When I upgrade DNN, I normally (after doing a backup) delete everything except for bin, desktopmodules, portals (and any child portal folders, and of course, I copy web.config to web.backup.config so I can copy the values across).

So, I went back to my portal and followed those instructions, leaving just bin, desktopmodules, portals and child portal dirs intact.  I then used the Install version of 4.3.5 and extracted it to that dir.  Updated the web.config, and my problem persists.  However, if I go into File Manager I am able to download the files without problem.  It's just in the Documents module that it attempts to download LinkClick.aspx.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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11/3/2006 7:25 PM

The documents module (and all components of DNN that download a file) use links to linkclick.aspx.  This file does not actually exist - it is passed to a http handler.  In web.config, the line that controls this is:

  <add verb="*" path="LinkClick.aspx" type="DotNetNuke.Services.FileSystem.FileServerHandler, DotNetNuke" />

Make sure this line is present in the <httpHandlers> section in your web.config.


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11/20/2006 2:12 PM

You mention that this file does not exist, yet I see it in the root.

I've been using a base install of dnn for a while, and adding modules to that base.

When I upgrade, I simply overwrite the base with the latest install ... using the latest release.config renamed to web.config, and making the appropriate database and machine key changes.  All seems to work well.

However, I am running into an issue where document downloads seem to be "throttled" when going through linkclick.aspx anywhere in the site ... document module, file manager, etc.  Even when URL tracking, user clicks, etc are not selected for the document in the documents module.

Of course when I access the file directly via the url .../portals/0/myfile.txt,  it downloads at 10mb/sec, when going thought the documents module or file manager it is throttled to 80kb/sec ...

At first I though this may be a trusted site, routing, dns issue, but apparently not.  This is an intranet web site.

Based on this thread, I am hearing that this file does not exist? Yet it did, or does exist in the root (dated 12/22/05 on my Install base).

Could this old version be in use as opposed to the httpHandler mentioned above?  Or am I missing some other dnn or IIS setting that could be causing this serious performance limitation?

I thought the documents module also used to reference the physical URL, when none of the individual link tracking options were in place for that document.

Any insight would be helpful.









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11/21/2006 5:37 PM


You should post this in the general-purpose forums (rather than here in the Documents module forum) because it is a DNN core question (and I don't know the answer).  Your post will get read by more of the people responsible for the core if you post it in "Lets Chat about it"

It is unlikely that the "old" LinkClick.aspx is being used (and I think you would get errors if it was).  But you should remove it anyway.

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11/28/2006 10:47 AM

Thanks for your response!  I did resolve the performance issue.  I was able to duplicate the issue between a dev (4.03)  and qa box (4.35).  Neither of which was patched anywhere current.

The issue was indeed with one of the dnn upgrades between 4.03 and 4.35 and Windows 2003 Service Pack 1.

Installing Service Pack 1 resolved the slow download issue.


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