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RSS support in the Events Module

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  • 4/7/2015



RSS support in the Events Module

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General Configuration

Prior to version 4.1.0 of the Events module, RSS support has been more by accident than design and was available through the core DNN syndication mechanisms. In version 4.1.0 we added formal RSS support, with a dedicated RSS icon on the module icon bar.

There is a section in the module settings which includes:
  • A check box to enable the RSS feed and icon on the icon bar
  • A drop down to select what date to use as the publication date
  • The number of past days of data to include in the feed
  • The feed title
  • The feed description

The RSS feed doesn't use the syndicate option within the module menu, so you can turn that off. We figured it gave more flexibility putting inside the container, that way if people aren't using a container they can still have the RSS feed showing.

The feed includes Title/Description/Image/Location/Category/Priority in the main feed. The per event Title and Description are, like many aspects of the module, templated in the Template Settings section. Category, Location and Priority (not Normal Priority though) are also added as feed Categories, so your feed reader should be able to filter by them.

URL Paramters

You can also set what is displayed in the feed by adding parameters to the URL. These will override those set in the module settings where appropriate:-
  • DaysBefore - Number of days before today
  • DaysAfter - Number of days after today
  • CategoryName - Name of category
  • CategoryID - ID of category
  • LocationName - Name of location
  • LocationID - ID of location
  • Importance - Priority Number - 1,2,3
  • Priority - Priority name - Low, Medium or Normal, High - In English or local language
  • OwnerName - DisplayName of Owner
  • OwnerID - ID of Owner
  • MaxNumber - Number of events

Consequently you can now use a URL such as ‘…/400/DesktopModules/Events/EventRSS.aspx?mid=398&tabid=36&LocationName=Test&DaysBefore=100' to select events occurring at the 'Test' location in the last 100 Days.

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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