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Optìmizing your scheduled tasks

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  • 4/7/2015



Optìmizing your scheduled tasks

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Default scheduled tasks

The default installation of a new DNN site comes with a standard set of settings for scheduled tasks: maintenance jobs that are executed on a host level.

The default settings for scheduled tasks are very safe. A good strategy, since this will provide the best of all breeds setting for all users.

You can, however, tweak the settings to be more in line with the needs of your DNN site (please remember that the scheduled task settings operate on a site/host level for all portals within the installation).

Running the scheduled task less or more frequently can help you to give a better, to the point, performance and functionality.

Schedule for search engine

One of the settings that can be easily set less frequently is the Search Engine Scheduler: the default setting is to run this task every 30min. While this might be useful in an early phase of site building with a lot of content changes (where you would like the search option to be sychronised with the content very frequently), for most sites a 2 times a day update (12hrs) suffices.

The setting can be easily changed: Host -> Schedule -> Search Engine Scheduler -> change time lapse to 12 hours.

Search indexing is database and processing intensive. Doing it less frequently can give your site a better performance.
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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