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Modules are one of the extension types, you may use to tailor your DotNetNuke based website to suit your needs. Within these extension types, modules are the primary driver of functionality and content within a DotNetNuke web site. You can find modules that provide functionality to deliver a web site with a Blog, Community Forums, an Events Calendar, and just about any other type of functionality you could desire.

Obtaining Modules

Up to DNN 5, the DotNetNuke platform came with a number of modules (25+) available for use (see Included Modules), which now may be downloaded separately from Codeplex. Furthermore, there are thousands of modules available in the ecosystem developed by other parties outside of the DotNetNuke project. Common locations for finding modules developed by third parties are the DotNetNuke Store and the Extensions Forge where open source modules are found.

Installing Modules

To install a downloaded module, login as Superuser (by default "host"), go to Extensions in Host menu and make sure that you are in Edit mode. Select "Install Extensions Wizard" from the module action menu and follow the steps. After install, the module should show up in the Control Panel (DNN6: you need to select "all Modules" category first), ready to be placed on your page. (Note: to assign a module to a category, please read this blog post.

Develop your own Modules

You can even develop your own DotNetNuke Modules using tools such as Visual Studio from Microsoft. Modules can be developed in either Visual Basic .NET or C#, or any .NET compatible language.If you want to start developing your own modules, check out the Module Development entry.

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What is Liquid Content?
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