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  • 4/7/2015



Modal Popups

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Support for modal popups was added with DotNetNuke 6. It is a setting that can be enabled or disabled per portal. When enabled, module controls that support this feature can be loaded via a modal popup (which is jQuery UI). You can disable these at the site level by going to admin->site settings,click "advanced settings" tab, expand "usability settings" and uncheck "enable pop-ups".

Developers who wish to enable, or disable this feature in their modules should add the supportsPopUps node for each module control in their DotNetNuke 6 compatible manifest file. Site admins can disable these module controls granularly at the ascx level e.g. go to host->extensions, edit a module eg. authentication, go to the module definitions section and click the pencil icon beside the control, you can now uncheck "supports popups"

By default all core admin and host modules have modal popups enabled. Third party and core modules that have not yet specified this support for this in their module will have this feature disabled.

Whilst direct database updates are never recommended (and require you to recycle the application so that DotNetNuke's cache becomes aware of the changes), if you are unable to access the necessary UI to change the popup settings, you can make the changes directly in the database.

  • To do so for individual module controls open the ModuleControls table and change the value to what's required in the SupportsPopUps column.

  • To do so at the portal (site) level, it's a little more work as the setting is not there by default (it's default value is true) - to do this create a new SettingName of "EnablePopups" with a SettingValue of the required value (e.g. "False" ) for your portalid in the PortalSettings table.


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