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Live Rotator v.2.2.1 not compatible with DNN v.7.3.0

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  • 4/7/2015



Live Rotator v.2.2.1 not compatible with DNN v.7.3.0

Last updated 9 years ago



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Reporter: PanosM
Date: 06.20.2014

Subject: Mandeeps' Live Rotator v.2.2.1 does not seem to be compatible with DNN v.7.3.0

==After a successful upgrade of a portal from DNN v.7.2.2 to 7.3.0 - with no apparent normal portal's operation problems, continuing the developing under Edit mode at some pages that contain Live Rotator modules, the module worked fine and as expected (i.e module's handlers control, Manage Slides, content rotation, options setting and response)

When I exited the Edit Mode getting into normal viewer's mode, suprisingly, I noticed the following:

1. All the LiveRotator modules spanning across in several web pages do not seem to rotate at all - as they used to do till before the DNN update, instead they appear either as black rectangles or as one black rectangle area and immediately below it, the 1st image displayed static, with no content rotation, no navogration button response and in general, with no user's interaction capability.

2. All the rest page's modules function & display content correctly apart from Live Rotator modules that are messing up the page's panes - i.e. they do not take their vertical height - upon the page's display sequence onto the browser.

In some other pages - that have been created in earlier days - that are running LiveRotator modules, only one module's image is been displayed with no sliding rotation (effect) and when one clicks on the pagination buttons (left-right), there is no site's response and the scrolling returns to top and a '#' is been added to the URL link.

All the rest of page's modules display their contents correctly apart from Live Rotator modules !!!

I am referencing the DNN update in conjuction with the problem arised on the LiveRotator's modules and the web pages that contain these modules cause there was no other intervention to the site's development from yesterday till tonight.

I cleared the portal's cache from Host -> Host Settings that seemed to fix some pages, but that was only temporary, I Restarted the Application from Host -> Host Settings but not solved the problem.==

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