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Ordinarily, you'd be at the right spot, but we've recently launched a brand new community website... For the community, by the community.

Yay... Take Me to the Community!

  • 4/7/2015




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DNN moved all development to Github in late 2013 -this was for a number of reasons, with the key one being described in this blog

As a company founded around an Open Source product, and with a distributed team, we wanted a new source control system which better matched our team. It was also extremely important to us that the system support both public and private projects so that we could open the DNN platform repository while also allowing us to keep other projects private. When we looked at all the requirements it was obvious to the team that Git was the right source control system for our distributed team. As one of the leading Git providers, we felt GitHub would be a great tool for us and our community and in fact have had several community requests to migrate to this tool.

Contributing to the Platform project

Interested in contributing to the platform project? We're always looking for any help we can get - below is a set of links for setting up your local environment to make changes to DNN's source code, and how to let us know you've got changes you'd like to make. We welcome all changes, from the smallest (spelling mistakes, localized text, XML documentation), right through to bug fixes and new features.

The references section below will help those new to git/github, but for experienced users, you just need to go here to watch, star or fork the project

For further details on the contribution process please read this


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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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