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Getting Started Page

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  • 4/7/2015



Getting Started Page

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DNN contained an initial popup after install for a number of versions, but it was found that this was not particularly effective, as many people dismiss it and then do not know how to set it again. Starting with the 7.2.0 release this has been changed to a "Getting Started Page" popup that will occur each time a host user log's in. The content on this page is dynamic (pulled from and will change based on the release, which is a useful way to surface new features so host users are aware of them.

Hiding/Showing the page

The popup will appear automatically on each login by a superuser (host). If the user wants they can check the "Don't show this again" at the bottom left corner, and it will no longer show to them. This only applies to the current user. Note: after an upgrade the popup will again show to the user.

If an install wants to remove it for all superusers, they have a number of options.
  • Add the following to the AppSettings section of web.config :

Note: site's may edit Install/DotNetNuke.install.config.resources to set this as the new default for new portals.
  • Edit the "HostSettings" table, and locate the"EnableGettingStartedPage" setting -change this to "false" - at present this. At present (7.2.1) there is no UI to do this. Note: the application must be recycled after this change for the direct database edit to not show i.e. tools-> . Typically direct database updates are a bad idea, this is listed merely for completeness.


Prevent Getting started page for superusers
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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