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FckEditor Provider

  • 4/7/2015
  • 2622


FckEditor Provider

Last updated 6 years ago

FckEditor 2 used to be the most popular richtext editor until 2010, when it got replaced by CkEditor 3 (version 4 coming soon). The editor offers a number of configurations and extension points, for details, please check out its web site.

DNN used to incorporate FckEditor 2 as default editor in DNN 4 to 5.4, using a provider written by Locopon aka Mauricio Marquez.
Due to security issues, it is strongly suggested to upgrade either to RadEditor provider (included with DNN 6) or CkEditor 3 provider, created and very well maintained by WatchersNet (available for free download from here).
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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