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Failed Request Tracing

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  • 4/7/2015



Failed Request Tracing

Last updated 7 years ago



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II7 introduced a new troubleshooting tool called Failed Request Tracing. This will provide detailed error messages as well as what may be causing a site to load slowly. This can be enabled on a site by site basis. It uses a simple wizard to create and edit the various rules but supports a lot of features to help in detecting site problems. Amongst it's capabilities are:

  • Monitor requests to any file type you specify, including .asp, .aspx and .php.
  • Check full request and response HTTP headers to make sure all required data is available.
  • Calculate how many bytes were sent back and forth, and how long it took to process the request in each pipeline step.
  • Filter on requests that take over N seconds to process.
  • Filter on certain HTTP response codes, such as 403, 404 or 500.
  • Filter on filenames with wildcards, such as "login*.aspx".
  • Know which HTTP modules were used to handle the request.
  • See how routing and URL rewriting affect request processing.
  • Monitor which application pools were used to handle the request.
  • See how load balancing (if enabled) is working and which server is responding to the request.
  • Select the appropriate providers for tracing events, such as web server caching, compression, ASP.NET infrastructure, and so on


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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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