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Extensions with Social Integration

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  • 4/7/2015



Extensions with Social Integration

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DotNetNuke introduced a rich set of social capabilities with the 6.2.0 release. Whilst many of these features are already integrated with core features such as Notifications and Journal , other 3rd party extensions are starting to add social integration as well. This page will act as a list for some of these.

Free extensions

  • Q&A Module (which runs DotNetNuke Exchange)- Journal, Profile Pic, Profile Module integration examples
  • Contest 1.2 - Journal, Profile Pic integration examples
  • Blog 5.0 - Journal, Profile Pic, Notifications, Services Framework integration examples
  • Active Forums 5.0 - Journal, Profile Pic, Notifications, Services Framework integration examples
  • Links module - "Friends" integration
  • Message Center Alerts - adds alerts when a user receives a new message or notification in the Core Message Center module
  • DotNetNuke Feedback - Integrate to DNN 6.2.0 Notification service for Moderator notifications.
  • Media module - configuration supports pushing to journal as a status update, and notifications to Admins upon update
  • DotNetNuke Social dashboard - this is a DotNetNuke extension which will provide summary information about Social Activity in the Host->Dashboard page of a DotNetNuke 6.2+ website
  • PinDNN - pinterest style module, uses social relationship functionality
  • MyGroups - list the social groups a user is a member of
  • DNN Boards -task management solution (like trello). Uses social group collaboration
  • Events Module -deep social integration described in the linked blog

Commercial extensions

  • digArticle 5 - It can post actions including New Article, Vote Article, New Comment and Vote Comment to the journal
  • iFinity friendly Url provider for Social URLs - a free plugin for the commercial iFinity UrlMaster product that allows for "vanity" urls for social groups and users
  • Aricie URL Rewriting for Social modules on DNN 6.2 -The social provider will replace social parts of social Urls with their actual values -such as social groupname or profile name. As for Urls in the activity feed, you benefit from the rewriting strategies that already rewrite Urls from Forum, Blog or News feeds.
  • DNN Article 9.8 - You can select to post to DNN 6.2 Journal when an article is submitted.
  • Nuntio Articles ML Publications - new articles are optionally pushed to the journal
  • PackFlash Mega Drop-Down Menu and Navigation System -a number of points of social integration are described here
  • Advanced business directory -Journal integration
  • Cross Photo Gallery 5.5 - Journal integration (When a photo/comment is created,module will automatic add it to dnn journal database)
  • Packflash Constellation - this is a suite of module from packflash, the majority of which have social integration. They can each be purchased seperately -we list the ones with known social integration below (the link's lead to the feature page describing the integration)
  • Smart Social - skin contains integrated social groups module look & feel
  • EasyDNNNews - EasyDNNnews can now post an action to the Journal. Actions that can be posted are publications of a new article, event or comment. In module settings it is possible to set what will be published in the Journal. It is possible to select a title, subtitle and the article's summary.
  • My Questions and answers - supports Journal
  • Cross Video gallery - Fully integrated with dnn 6.2 journal and social features
  • Cross Article - enables multiple users to publish their news/article/blog and attach videos/audios/images/documents,When a new article/comment is created, it will automatic add in author journals
  • Accord LMS - integrates notifications, journal and social groups
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