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Extension Forge

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  • 4/7/2015



Extension Forge

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The Forge (or Extension Forge) is the community repository for Open Source extensions (modules, providers, skins, etc) for the DotNetNuke platform.

Any registered user can create a Forge project for their open source DotNetNuke extension.

Extension Forge and Codeplex

The Extension Forge uses Microsoft CodePlex to provide world-class infrastructure for managing open source projects. CodePlex offers advanced tools including a robust source code repository based on Microsoft Team Foundation Server, issue tracking, discussions forums, project team management, and free hosting services for project downloads.

The Extension Forge on DotNetNuke has benefits for both users and project Coordinators. Users are able to search for DotNetNuke specific projects in a variety of ways and see extra DotNetNuke specific information such as "Minimum DotNetNuke version" required to run the application. Project Coordinators are able to have their projects prominently displayed and provide supplemental information.

The Forge synchronizes with Codeplex each evening to collect information on daily downloads and new releases. Download information is used to sort projects by popularity and to provide community recognition credit to team members.

For Project Coordinators

There are many administrative features of the Forge available to project Coordinators. You can manage a lot of project level information including:
  • Managing the team: You can add members to your project who will receive credit in the community recognition system each time you have a release or cross a download threshold. This is an improvement over the old system which used credit only project coordinators.
  • Primary Media item: This will serve as the "logo" or main thumbnail for your project.
  • Extension Type: This will help users find your project in the right category.
  • Demo url: You can provide a link to functional demo location of your project.
  • Wiki url: This should be a link to your page in this wiki where your project is documented.

There are also a couple of version specific items which are very helpful to users.
  • Minimum DNN version: This tells users what the minimum version of DNN required for your project is.
  • Minimum .Net version: This tells users if your module requires specific .Net features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I find in the Forge?
    The Forge contains open source projects related to DotNetNuke created by community members. These projects may be of any type, but typically include Modules, Skins, Skin Objects, Widgets, Libraries or Providers. Code for these projects are available at their individual repositories on Codeplex!
  • Who is responsible for projects in the Forge?
    Forge projects are owned by the individual creators (copyright holders) who are also responsible for their care. Some projects, including the (core) modules included with DotNetNuke, are owned by DotNetNuke Corporation but are often cared for by volunteers. The person primarily responsible for a module is identified as the "Project Coordinator" on the team tab of the projects detail page.
  • Can I create a Forge project?
    Of course you can! Anyone is welcome to create an open source extension for DotNetNuke and make it available to the community through the Forge. You can view a video here which will help guide you in setting up your Forge project. Note that this video currently show the previous version of the Forge, but all the concepts still apply. It will be updated soon.

  • If I have already created an open source project for DotNetNuke on CodePlex, how can I integrate it with the Forge?
    Please create your project in the Forge and then send us an email at with the title of your project in the Forge and the URL for your project page on CodePlex. After you create the project in the Forge, you will be taken to CodePlex to complete the process. Since you already have a CodePlex project, you should cancel the CodePlex screen and send an email to the above address to complete the process.
  • I have suggestions to improve a Forge project, what should I do with them?
    Visit the project on its Codeplex site and log them in its issue tracker. If you're unsure how to do this, you can also simply post items in our General Discussion forum and ask for someone to help you get them to the right place!
  • Can I include commercial modules or skins in the DotNetNuke Extensions Forge?
    No. The DotNetNuke Extensions Forge is only for projects offered under an approved open source license.
  • Is there any support or service agreement offered for the projects in the DotNetNuke Extensions Forge?
    Most projects are supported by the original developers on a volunteer basis. If you are looking for a higher level of support, we suggest you evaluate commercial product options at

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