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DotNetNuke User Groups Around the World

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  • 4/7/2015



DotNetNuke User Groups Around the World

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User groups are pure community initiatives, initiated by DotNetNuke enthusiats who want to share their knowledge about the product and its use cases and bring together DNN users and professionals.

User groups in North America

User groups in the U.S. and Canada are locally based groups meeting on a (more or less) regularly basis, where often one or multiple presenters are invited to do a session on a specific subject, which might be focusing DNN architecture, module development, skinning, administration or other aspects of DNN, which is usually followed by a discussion and surrounded by networking opportunities. Several user group are active in organizing extended events as well, like a DNN Hackathon or a Day of DotNetNuke.

User groups in Europe and Asia

User groups in other parts of the world exist more virtually and have been established to provide localized DNN information on their web site - and less frequent meetings. Most of the user groups in Europe focus on providing language packs but also offering a platform for discussion and articles in their native language. The largest group (with more than 5.000 registered users) are the Geman Speaking User Group, which provides about 750 language packs for DNN and numerous modules as well as a very active forum, and the French DotNetNuke User Group, which provides French language packs and a forum as well.

User group meetings in Europe are usually less frequent events with multiple sessions, spending a full day or at least half a day.

User Group Directory

The User Group Directory provides a list of user groups, though it is more focused on American types of user groups.
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