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DotNetNuke-7-1-Developer-Quick-Start - Draft

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  • 4/7/2015



DotNetNuke-7-1-Developer-Quick-Start - Draft

Last updated 9 years ago



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The DotNetNuke 7.1 Developer Quick Start page is intended to be used as a resource that can help get DotNetNuke extension developers up to speed on the latest offerings available in 7.1.0.

Advanced URL Management

DNN 7.1 includes a new mode for the Friendly URL Provider. This is known as 'Advanced' mode, and changes the behaviours and features for URLs.

Advanced URL management is switched on by default for new DNN 7.1+ installations, and is not on by default for existing installations upgraded to 7.1 (or later)

There are several specific topics on Advanced URL Management features:

IIS 7 Requirement for Advanced URLs

IIS 7 requires a hotfix to be installed to prevent some errors from occurring when using the Advanced URL provider. Specifically, to be able to support extension-less URLs.

Membership Security Enhancements

One of the focusses of the 7.1.0 release was to add some enhancements in the area of membership and password security. These include:

Azure Compatibility Checks

7.1 will detect when it is running on a SQL Azure database, and, when installing new extensions, look for a new manifest file element called <azureCompatible>. If this is not found, the person installing the extension will receive a warning.

See more at Azure Compatible Extension Check

jQuery 1.9.1

DNN 7.1 now comes with jQuery 1.9.1. Please make sure you test your skin and extensions first. Here is a link to the upgrade guide for 1.9.1. While a number of breaking changes were included in jQuery 1.9, DNN also includes the jQuery Migrate plugin, which provides the features which were removed.

File Management

Search Redesigned

Search has been completely redesign in DNN 7.1. Resources:

Improved Management of Language Specific Pages (Content Localization)

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