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DDRMenu XSLT templates

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  • 4/7/2015



DDRMenu XSLT templates

Last updated 5 years ago



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XML format

The best way to see the XML structure provided to the XSLT stylesheet is to look at the output of the DumpXML template). For reference, the full set of attributes and elements of a menu <node> is as follows

  • @id - The page ID
  • @text - The page name (i.e. what should normally be displayed in the menu)
  • @title - The full page title
  • @url - The page URL
  • @enabled - Whether the page is enabled
  • @selected - Whether the page is selected
  • @breadcrumb - Whether the page is in the current breadcrumb
  • @separator - Whether the node is a separator
  • @icon - The URL of the page icon
  • @largeimage - The URL of the large page icon (DNN 6 only)
  • @first - Whether the page is the first in its level
  • @last - Whether the page is the last in its level
  • @only - Whether the page is the only one in its level
  • @depth - The depth of the current page in the menu structure (starting at 0)
  • @target - The target window for the url defined for the page (_new or null); DNN 7.1+
  • @commandname - The action command name (action menus only)
  • @commandargument - The action command argument (action menus only)
  • keywords - The keywords defined for the current page
  • description - The description of the current page
  • node - A child node of this node

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What is Liquid Content?
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