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Create an image rotator/slideshow

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  • 4/7/2015



Create an image rotator/slideshow

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A popular request for sites is to support an image rotator or slideshow e.g. to show different images as part of the skin, similar to how does. This can be acheived in a number of different ways with a javascript scroller (particularly via jQuery) or a flash based scroller being the two most popular ways. This page covers a few options.

DotNetNuke 6

The DotNetNuke 6 release contains a skin known as DarkKnight which contains an image rotator. This is an implementation of the jQuery cycle plugin and is configurable. Theres a nice article detailing this and how to configure it here

Widget framework

In 5.0.0 DotNetNuke introduced a Widget framework that allows easy addition of html/javascript functionality. The widget framework shipped with a number of example widgets, one of which is the rotator widget, an example of which is shown below (further documentation of which can be found here

<object id="HeaderRotator" codetype="dotnetnuke/client" codebase="RotatorWidget" declare="declare">

<param name="height" value="129" />
<param name="width" value="479" />
<param name="imageUrl" value="<%=SkinPath %>images/headers/" />
<param name="imageCount" value="6" />
<param name="imageTemplate" value="header_0{INDEX}.png" />
<param name="interval" value="5000" />
<param name="direction" value="left" />
<param name="transition" value="snap" />

Thisis a useful example of a free skin that uses the image rotator.

Whilst the core rotator widge is useful, the popular project also contains a Carousel widget with some additional options

Free Modules

Note: a few of the free skins on the contain image rotator examples that may be of interest - the relevant javascript is often embedded as part of the skin rather than a seperate widget/skinobject/module.

Commercial options

There are of course a number of commercial options available via dotnetnuke store
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What is Liquid Content?
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