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7/8/2019 2:12 PM

Hey All, 

I'm an admin for a DNN site that I inherited a few months ago. I noticed that it was running 9.1.1, and spent some time figuring out how to upgrade. I went through with the upgrade to the latest version and when I did, it blew up the user registration module that was being utilized. Immediately, I grabbed the backup I created of the website and placed it back in the correct directory, while deleting the upgraded website. After this, the registration bar was working but the Persona Bar had disappeared. After some research, I realized there was a problem with the permissions in the resources file and fixed that - so finally everything was working again (this was a little less than month ago). However, this morning I logged in as the admin and the host, and the persona bar isn't appearing at all. I checked permissions and everything is as it was. Is there a reason this would just disappear? I am the only person with admin access, so I don't know that anyone else would have messed with the website. Any thoughts? I also grabbed a backup that the previous owner created and still the persona bar isn't loading. 

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7/8/2019 10:13 PM
I would start by clearing the browser cache or trying incognito mode to rule out a cache issue.
Then I would check for javascript errors in the browser developer console.
Then I would check in the \Portals\_default\logs folder for maybe some clue about what is happening.

All else failing, then I would install a clean Dnn of the same version on the side and run a tool like BeyondCompare or similar file comparing utility to find out what is different between the working and non-working instance, usually something in the bin folder or something in the web.config file
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7/9/2019 9:03 AM

Thanks for your help Daniel! I ended up solving the issue by inspecting in the browser, and I found that the folder it was searching for had a different name than what was located in the directory. By changing the name of the folder in the directory I got it working again. 

The only thing that isn't working is when trying to view Authorized Users, it throws an error. I can see unauthorized users, and every other kind of user except authorized users. When inspecting, I am given the error "Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.PersonaBar_GetUsers'. I can't find this procedure when searching in SQL Server Management Studio either. Any idea how to fix this lingering issue? Thanks for the help!

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7/15/2019 1:02 AM
Great to know you have found part of the issue...
Now the fact that you are missing this stored procedure hints that there was something wrong with installing or updating.
Ideally I would restore the previous working backup and re-upgrade from there but since you inherited the site and may not have that, I would recommend the following:

The persona bar has different versions than Dnn unfortunatelly, so I do not know right now what version came with Dnn 9.1.1.
I would start by taking a good backup of the site files and database, then I would go in the extensions module and select Persona Bar for the showing dropdown, then take note of the persona bar modules versions.
Then I would go to find the script that either matches or is the highest versoin under the one you have installed. Finally, copy that whole script and run in in the SQL Console.
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Persona Bar MissingPersona Bar Missing

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