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10/25/2017 11:01 AM

Yesterday I contacted DNNGO about this issue and they fixed all the issues (in august) and asked DNN to review the modules and place them in the Store again.
They say: We never got a reaction... silence.

Looks like there are some communication issues....

Maybe contact again and clear this up... they deserve a second change after fixing the issues.

Vendors as DNNGO are essential for the future of DNN !

New Post
10/26/2017 2:23 AM
Will Morgenweck wrote:
Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to monitor the quality of every single module on the store. We are working on a few initiatives to change that, but that will take time. However, when a situation occurs that does force us to review the code of a particular module then we have to do what is right for the ecosystem. Based upon our interactions with DNNGo and the code we reviewed, we felt it was best that we didn't continue to promote those modules on the store. I'm sure if we had the ability to review every module that more would be removed. The security events that took place did put us in a position where we needed to carefully review a handful of modules. Based upon our findings and our interactions with the vendor we made the decision that some modules could be listed again, while others could not.


Oh my!!!   Sorry this is um.. not good to read.  We.. WE.. WE.. OUR .... all about DNN..

I have to believe the last poster more and think no one bothered to reply because in ALL my dealings with DNNGo, they have been prompt and shown a willingness to fix and remedy things and pretty much my dealings with DNN in the last few years have been .. um.. unless you're buying, WE are not replying

And they were NOT the only ones with security issues buy a long shot. I notice the other developers had EXACTLY the same problems but perhaps not on such a scale because they were not as big in that area.  But I got several from one vendor and I will NEVER buy their product - they genuinely have me concerned.

Not promoting someone's product is one thing but just completely removing them, leaving the purchasers of the product in the dark, the developers out on a limb is quite disappointing.  DNNGo must be feeling pretty let down now, no public comment from DNN saying DON'T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE, just drop them and hope they will go away like half the DNN community has done.

How about 'WE' as in  DNN reach out and say - how can we help this long standing developer and vendor who has helped us generate a bucket load of money, helped raise our profile with some good looking themes and modules, how can we help them improve themselves and continue to grow the brand.  Lord knows DNN doesn't need to lost ANOTHER vendor, particularly one who is so responsive.

You most likely don't like what I say.. but I just can't stay quiet on this and grumble into my cups of tea that this isn't right - I have so say something because I love DNN and I really felt DNNGo has been one of those companies that tried to represent themselves well in this area.

PLEASE consider contact them.  I know many of us would love to see them online at online store.

Please don't give users another reason to move to WordPress. I know security is paramount, but a thriving vendor community is also up there.  I'm happy to talk with them too if you need that to happen. :-)

And my comments are NOT directed personally towards YOU but the 'WE' and 'OUR' people who make these decisions, so don't take it personally.

Nina Meiers My Little Website
If it's on DNN, I fix, build, deploy, support,skin, host, design, consult, implement, integrate and done since 2003.
Who am I? Just a city chic, having a crack at organic berry farming.. and creating awesome websites.
New Post
10/26/2017 5:10 AM
Well said Nina! +1 from me.

Best wishes,
- Richard
Agile Development Consultant, Practitioner, and Trainer
New Post
10/26/2017 6:53 AM
Thanks Will for replying to this thread, but it leaves me bit in the dark. They either solved the security issue or they did not, in an email from Mel suggest that they did. So what did they (not) do that they did not return in the store?

Peter Schotman
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New Post
10/26/2017 8:13 AM
Thanks for all the reactions!

I hope DNN is aware of the fact that the succes and future of DNN is in their hands.
They decide what to do with the vendors and the community input.

Willem Bonekamp - Webdeveloper/Projectmanager - I have been building Web Solutions using DNN from the beginning in 2002

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HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Skins, Themes, ...Skins, Themes, ...DNNGo Themes no longer in DNN StoreDNNGo Themes no longer in DNN Store

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