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1/26/2017 6:12 PM

Hi guys,

I know DNN is a CMS software, but I want know, Can I using DNN as a "User Store" for single point administration's users in a big project?

I want implement a website that providing too many services to end users like:
1- CMS service (I would like using Joomla, Wordpress, etc)
2- LMS service (I would like using open eLMS, DotNetScorm, etc)
3- Email Service (I would like using MS Exchange, etc)
4- Web storage service like "one drive" (I would like using a software that existing in the market like previous services)
5- And another services for providing to form of public ....

My strategy in this project, is using the existing software in the market. I don't want to development any software/application, I want only configuration of existing software to the one project.

For implement above services on my website, I should have a central "user store" solution that ability to integration of these services. In the other words, I want having a central "user store" for register, Authenticate and authorize users for providing above services to them.

Please tell me, DNN is a good solution?

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1/27/2017 3:51 AM
Hi Sadegh,

I think that one of the requirement that your 'User Store' should meet is a cross-platform. Ability to 'talk' with products from different platforms. Joomla and Wordpress are using PHP stack, DNN is using .NET stack, etc. In that case please focus on product that supports OAuth and OpenID specifications. For example Identity Server

For a user store you may also consider 'Microsoft Active Directory' and 'Azure Active Directory'.

Second thing to consider is a SSO. Does your clients want to have separate set of credentials to each app? Possible that single set of credentials across all applications would be better.

Note: possible that Joomla and Wordpress could be replaced by the DNN. This could make things easier.

New Post
1/27/2017 5:57 AM

Hi Barry,

Thanks for reply.

In this project, I want have a single point for registration and users management. So, at least I don't need to using SSO at now.

But, for implement this project I have two big problem:

1- Which software is good choice for using as a single point users management, user store, authentication, authorization that be integrated with other software that selected for my project. I asked a question about "active directory as a user store for public project" in this post, but many expert dissuasion me, because tell me, AD is bad choice for public project for reasons security. (public users should not be access and don't need to login with windows authentication, also requires a Client Access License for every computer that is accessing it. Quite expensive for this scenario. I don't know ADFS or AD LDS can solve these problems?)

2- I don't know all software that I selected to using my project (e.g. joomla, wordpress, DNN, eLMS, etc), can work with another "user store" and don't use their "local user store"? 

New Post
1/27/2017 9:32 AM
There are two things to consider:

1. User Store, let's say a 'database' where users and their profile will be stored. You need one 'user store' for all your web apps (Joomla, Wordpress, DNN, etc). And this is a good idea - one user store for all. Duplicated identities always lead to trouble. Microsoft Active Directory could be expensive, but if it will be used only for a user store, you need only one license for one server.

2. Second thing to consider are Authentication & authorization methods, and this is something more difficult. Authentication & authorization methods are some kind of endpoint for your 'user store', and all apps must be able to 'understand' these methods. I said that is difficult because these apps using different technologies, like .NET, PHP, and possible that in the near feature you will be need to add a mobile phone (android) to this ecosystem. I think you should focus on authentication & authorization methods that will be able to communicate with different platforms. Thats why I think that OAuth & OpenID is good choice.

Let's say that for a 'user store' we choose "Azure Active Directory" (it's not the same as Microsoft Active Directory). One place where your users will be kept, and you will be able to manage these identities. Then if you want to add an Wordpress website, all you need to do is to implement Azure - Wordpress plugin. This plugin will 'migrate' Wordpress 'user store' to Azure AD. Here you can find these plugins:
What is most important, Azure have about 2 thousands of these plugins to different apps. These plugins can simplify the process of integration. In the near future there will be also Azure connector for DNN. I encourage you to read first chapter form this doc, it's describes possible advantages of Azure:

It's a big project and first thing to do is to gather ALL the requirements (possible few weeks of work).

New Post
1/27/2017 12:31 PM

Hi Barry again, Thank you so much for your completely answers.

I know the AAD is best solution for my scenario, but I have a problem for choosing AAD:
AAD charge me with each user / each login (service base business model), and when I started my project at least 2-3 years don't have any profit. So, best cost solution for me is fixed cost.

So, your offer is AD or AAD for "user store" and for authentication/authorization use OAuth or OpenID.

For last question: Is it possible to simplify replace apps's  (e.g. DNN) "local user store" with AD's "user store"? Does this change need to development? Could you give me a good document for this action?

HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...DNN as a single point users administration in a big projectDNN as a single point users administration in a big project

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