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11/14/2016 2:03 AM

Language packs: can you share yours?

At we have spent quiet some effort to collect and create language packs for various modules and make them available for everyone. And it is slowly coming into shape.

As of this moment, there are language packs in different languages:

Català (Català), Deutsch (Deutschland), Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional), Français (France), Français (Belgique), Français (Canada), Français (Suisse), Français (Luxembourg), Français (Principauté De Monaco), Gaeilge (Éire), Nederlands (Nederland), Nederlands (België), Português (Brasil), Português (Portugal), Svenska (Sverige), Türkçe (Türkiye), Русский (Россия), Українська (Україна);

 for a large number of modules in different versions:

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This is an extensive list, but there are more common modules on the market. And we do not have a language pack for every language for every module listed above, so there is room for expansion.

A central hub for translation and distribution

Our objective is to make translation easier and the management of the total process much easier.

The language packs are not only stored for download as such, but we manage all language packs and translations with the Language Pack Manager module that we have developed over the years. Not only can we make the language packs available for download, the module enables complete management of all different languages for all different modules for all different versions, maintain consistency, enable translation in steps, show translation progress, enable some users to be responsible for certain languages, automatic translation, translation without module installation, create language install packs and more, much more. Don't work harder, work smarter is one of my motto's and this is a great example of how to do that.

Download a language pack, please do

Interested to see which language packs are already available? Go to the Community/Translation section on and have a look. And download any pack that you are interested in. The language packs that we have collected are all available as "normal" extension ready to install.

Just follow this link.

We can handle more language packs, modules and versions

There is room for more. Please share you module translation to others. It does not matter if it is 10%, 80%, 99% or 100% done. Any part that is translated will help others..The LPManager module enables a clever way of having multiple people doing tasks, but before we make the process more open, I have volunteered to merge any language packs submitted into the central system. And there are several ways I can do that.

In the order of preference, do one of the following:

  1. Mail me ([email protected]) a module install pack with a separate language install pack
  2. Mail me a module install pack and a zip of all translated .resx files for that module
  3. Mail me a language install pack and tell me for which module this pack is
  4. Mail me a zip of all translated .resx files and tell me for which module this translation is

Please note: the module install pack (for option 1 or 2) is useful for management of all parts of the translation, the module is not installed as a running module, but parsed as the basis for a complete versioned translation.

XCESS expertise center b.v.
Ernst Peter
LinkedIn Profile Ernst Peter Tamminga

XCESS: DNN/Evoq specialist, zie

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HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Language and In...Language and In...Where can I find language packs? Here...Where can I find language packs? Here...

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