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HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Fresh Source package 8.0.3 shows blank File and Page ManagementFresh Source package 8.0.3 shows blank File and Page Management
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7/26/2016 12:47 PM

Hi all,

We're busy setting up a development environment for DEV and QA / Stage. We ran into some important configuration issues.


We are planning to move functionality from an old Classic ASP web app into DNN and modify some of its extensions, and probably develp new modules, so setting up our environments with something that is stable and complete up to date is of crucial importance for the project to succeed.


On QA we have installed the DNN Install Community Edition 8.0.3. All the new stuff developed in DEV will be deployed for UAT testing there.

In DEV we have installed a fresh install of the Source package, also 8.0.3.

In QA, both File and Page Management contain respectively the File Manager or DAM Module (v8.0.3) and Pages Module (v8.0.3), working fine.

In DEV however, these two specific pages do show blank (pages appear but no modules on them!). Other Admin pages seems to work fine.

Also, in DEV, it appears the Pages module is an installed (but not used) Extension with version 7.1.0, and what is more strange, the File Manager or DAM module does not even appear (we installed a fresh copy three times now to make sure the issue is actually reproducable).


Can anybody of the DNN team provide some clarifications as why these two modules are either not the latest version, or do not appear in the Extension list? 

The pages pages that should be using them are shown empty, why is that?

Also, why do some other Extensions appear with older (7.x or less) versions while on QA all versions are 8.x? How to upgrade them? Where can we download the DAM module? In short, how bestto fix these important issues?

Thanks very much in advance for helping us out!

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7/27/2016 4:58 AM
there might be a packaging issue in DNN source, you should be able to copy over the packages from /install/module folder of the install package and install as any other extension. You would need to add it to the host/admin pages manually.

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

dnnWerk - The DotNetNuke Experts   German Spoken DotNetNuke User Group

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New Post
7/27/2016 11:41 AM

Thanks for your reply Sebastian.

I have made the following adjustments using the Install version we have on QA, the result is that we now have a correct Source install on DEV, and the good news is we're able to continue. That said, the issue is of big importance I think, so the DNN team should do a fresh install of the Source package and resolve the issues encountered. I mean, you cannot name a release 8.0.3 and omit some basic controls and worse have older versions in it? Clearly this has not been tested.

The steps I followed for a workaround - for anybody that is interested - to move QA DNN folder contents over to local folder Website in DEV... and gain consistence in module versions and code, were:

- back up local DNN DB

- back up local Website folder (...\CCMSDNN\Website)

- back up DNN DB on QA

- delete local DNN DB

- copy backed up DB to local DEV and restore

- delete dnnlogin user (if drop fails because it owns a database role, first set dbo as their new owner, then delete should work)

- assign local dnnlogin to restored DNN DB

- create zipped backup of DNN folder on QA (Install package means opy ALL from root)

- copy to local DEV, unblock, and unzip in temp folder

- overwrite local Website folder (do not delete anything, only rename the web.config to something unique)

- in SQL, adjust PortalAlias field HTTPAlias from to localhost/ccmsdnn

- one more step, we'll need to adjust the conn string to access local DNN DB... OK

- navigate to http://localhost/ccmsdnn

- the modules now have all version 8.0.1 or higher... good!

- the DEV project files are still there in Website folder so VS 2015 solution should load without problems... OK

- a rebuild all also works without errors... (all still Release)

- now change to Debug (both in Toolbar of VS, and in web.config in compilation tag)... OK!

- looks like we're back in business! :)

Best regards,

New Post
7/27/2016 3:19 PM
I am not receiving email updates while I got it checked right from the start of the thread; does that option work at all?
New Post
7/27/2016 3:21 PM
One more thing, am I able to edit my posts?
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Fresh Source package 8.0.3 shows blank File and Page ManagementFresh Source package 8.0.3 shows blank File and Page Management

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