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6/19/2016 1:45 AM

I've been struggling with this all weekend. Advice appreciated. This pertains to DNN version 7.04.02

I have several modules I've already developed starting with the Christoc templates in Visual Studio 2015. These are all working fine at present.

One of my site pages displays track details for a specific GPS track (including map etc.) I want to add a button to this module that will open a small pop-up form where some feedback on the track can be recorded then some server-side processing will occur and the pop-up should close and return the user to the screen they were originally viewing.

My thought was to create a new module control for this within the existing module.

So I created a new "Report.ascx" control in my project, and added it to the .dnn manifest file. I have built it and deployed it and checked that it exists in Host, Extensions, Edit, Module Definitions and that it has a key ("Report") and supports popups is checked. They "Type" of the control is "View."

So now I expect that when I visit the page of the site that is the detail page, and add ctl/Report to the end of the URL, I should see my control (which has the text "This is a test" on it. But when I go to that URL I just get a blank page (with headers and menus but no content at all) and the load event for the control is not triggered.




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6/20/2016 10:55 AM
You can't just add ctl/report to the page, you will also have to add the mid/### where ### is the module id.

The easiest way to do this is to call something like

DotNetNuke.Common.Globals.NavigateURL(TabId, "", "", "ctl=Report&mid=" + ModuleId.ToString())

with a hyperlink on the page.

Chris Hammond
Former DNN Corp Employee, MVP, Core Team Member, Trustee Software Solutions DotNetNuke Module Development, Upgrades and consulting. a chat room for DotNetNuke discussions
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6/23/2016 4:35 AM


I did the same thing, but opened in a modal popup (jquery). I call the popup (example with markup and codebehind from a gridview) like this:


<asp:gridview ..........

 <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Action" ItemStyle-Width="150px">


                    <asp:LinkButton ID="btnPopup" Text="Contacts" runat="server" /> | 




code behind

  protected void gridClients_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)




                if ((e.Row.RowState & DataControlRowState.Edit) == 0 && e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow)


                    LinkButton btnPopup = (LinkButton)e.Row.FindControl("btnPopup");

                    Label lblClientID = (Label)e.Row.FindControl("lblClientID");

                    Int64 ClientID = Convert.ToInt64(lblClientID.Text);

                    btnPopup.OnClientClick = " ETCI_PopupNavigate('" + this.GetCurrentUrlForPopup + "?ScreenMode=Person&EntityID=" + ClientID.ToString() + "', 550, 950, false);";



My popupnavigate function resides in an include javascript (although i think height and width are switched):

function ETCI_PopupNavigate(url, height, width, refreshafterclose) {, false, height, width, refreshafterclose);


My getcurrenturlforpopup resides in my created base class (in my case Popu is the key):

public string GetCurrentUrlForPopup




                return DotNetNuke.Common.Globals.NavigateURL(this.TabId,this.PortalSettings, "Popup", new string[] { "mid="+this.GetModId.ToString(),"popUp=true" });



This gives you a popup without menu items, just an empty page




HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...Building ExtensionsBuilding ExtensionsModulesModulesCreate a popup on a moduleCreate a popup on a module

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