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New Post
6/8/2016 9:23 PM
Again, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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6/8/2016 10:21 PM
Software, operating systems and platforms always evolve. DNN needs to be moving forward. It needs to move away from WebForms which is getting antiquated and probably not getting new features by Microsoft. Software can be antiquated and look old. Users will start moving to the next hot thing and the old software will die over time. You maintain your house by giving it a new paint, putting new modern appliances and updating the kitchen and bathrooms, so it looks fresh. Same for software.

ASP.NET Core is coming out on 6/27. I see DNN vNext running on Linux and Max boxes.. Maybe even in a container. People who want to stick with DNN 7 can stay on it. Others would like to use the newest technologies so they can benefit from easier and quicker programming and deployments. When DNN's market gets bigger because it runs under different platforms, every one benefits. There will be more professional modules, skins, more custom programming, more work and more adaptation and more sites using it. There are too many CMSs out there and competition is stiff. DNN needs to stay ahead.

I can develop forms over data business apps using classic VB, they work and they don't need fixing. Do I want to code in VB? No.

I don't want to code in WebForms. I want to forget it. I have moved away from DNN as I am working on my own SaaS app. That's why I have been very quiet here. I am only replying here because I got a notification about my thread. I might come back to DNN when it's fully MVC.

I just looked at the DNN roadmap. Very bare bones. Almost not saying anything at all to us. The only keyword I see is DCC. Looks like it's coming out in a few days. DNN 8.2 is a major release this year. No mention of the new features. I guess DNN is in maintenance mode for the rest of the year. Not exciting enough for me.

Basecamp the popular project management SaaS supports its different versions. The latest version is a total rewrite. Yet the older versions will be supported until the last user upgrades... however long that takes. Maybe DNN can do the same. However DNN need to seriously think now how to architect DNN around ASP.NET Core 1.0... this year. There's a lot of work to be done.

New Post
6/9/2016 12:34 PM

Migrating to .NET Core is more than just a new coat of paint, new appliances, kitchen. I think it's closer to tearing down the entire house and rebuilding. Just moving to MVC is like tearing down the facade and putting a new layer of bricks. I don't think those are small decisions for any homeowners  :)

The new .NET Core is not 5.0, but really a reboot at 1.0 again. More likely than not, I suspect the first release of .NET Core 1 will be very rough, unpolished and missing many features that developers will need to be quite unproductive until at least the 2nd iteration of .NET Core, just like when .NET Framework 1.0 came out.

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New Post
6/9/2016 1:00 PM
My analogy was directed to the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" comment which people like to use. A house might have a paint and appliances which work fine but the owner decides he is tired of the old look and decides to upgrade. More appeasing look and makes the house more valuable.

I am aware of ASP.NET is a total rewrite so is EF 7. DNN copr mentioned that DNN 7 work and vNext will be go forward in parallel. So I am not sure what some people are against for.
If you want to stay on DNN 7, you can still use it for years to come. If you want to use the DNN which works on ASP.NET Core, MVC and WebAPI and works on other platforms, that's another choice too. Module and Skin developers will have enough time to migrate their products or create them from scratch. All choices are valid.

But saying let's stay on DNN 7.x on the current architecture forever because it just works and not go along with new technologies is not a wise choice.

New Post
9/14/2016 5:53 AM

The emphasis "never touch a running system" in general can't be ignored, point. But in this context, in polite words, this is a completely weak way of thinking. First we have to ask: Does it work? If so, which parts "work" better than others? From my point of view it all comes down to two points that make DNN the best and, as well, the worst CMS/WebFramework on the market.

First, what's great about DNN? It's the nearly complete framework that does support many scenarios with built-in APIs and and (core) GUI functionality. The high-level feature set is far superior compared to Umbraco or Orchard. There is simply less time to invest to get a client's site up and running. The outstanding ecosystem reflects that in a very useful way.
But what does DNN bad? Well, from my point of view, it's primarily the poor performance when it comes to more complex sites. Editing content can be like hell, even when you are a naturally patient person. The site visitor suffers from that as well. It's hard to keep the page load time under one second when a couple of modules are installed and active on the page - even on a well performing server. This can be slightly reduced by taking advantage of the new (but very basic) MVC support and a client centric way of development. Why this mature technology took so long to get into DNN is another question to be answered. So, here we are. There is a mature, proven and beautiful framework that lacks an important SEO and user experience feature: performance.

I think, in this context, a major design change and related (partial) recode and can improve the situation heavily and put the platform (back) on track for the (present) future. To be honest, I think it's needed more than anything else. MVC is the past, the present and the future, ASP.NET Core is the future for .NET based web development. My personal problem is that we, as a community, hear nothing about it. DNN neXt is off the roadmap, no communication since nearly one year. My trust is fading that DNN will push itself onto a new level to make itself the outstanding number one on the market. And this is a realistic goal, in my opinion. Just move forward, maybe in small steps. But move. At least communicate. Anything is better than a dead forum/thread. My suggestion is: Put it on the table again. Anytime soon!

Take a look on other projects that did a complete rewrite and those who didn't.

HomeHomeFuture Developm...Future Developm...DNN neXtDNN neXtRelease date?  Work Started?Release date? Work Started?

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