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HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...changing the position of the provile avatarchanging the position of the provile avatar
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10/27/2015 10:02 PM

Hello There: My question deals with the avatar that shows up when dnn:user legacy attribute is set to false.

When this is the case on my skin I get a huge default avatar that according to firefox firebox inspector as well as chromes firebug inspector is about 120 X 120.  I haven't uploaded a picture yet but I was trying to see if I could inspect this default avatar in order to play a bit with where I wanted it to show up on my webpage.

Currently it is very intrusive and anyone who registers for the sight and doesn't upload an avatar will have this big default image that comes down from the menu into the content area of the website.

At any rate upon hovering over the line in which the inspector told me the actual avatar placeholder belonged to on the right inspector column using chrome another div tag faded in with an id of fbboxmodel. The bizarre thing to me was that when I hovered off this line of code the div tag that had just appeared disappeared again and would only reappear as long as I had my mouse hovered over the line dealing specifically with that avatar box.


So I guess with that as the background my question is this first off why does the dimensions of the generic avatar read 120X120 when apparently it appears upon uploading an image it would be dumbed down to 32X32.


The other question is where do I find this code snippet with the div tag with an id of fbboxmodel.  I can't seem to even gain control over this in inspector even when I follow the link which is


Upon going to the aboe link I get the generic avatar at the smaller size but still nothing in the way of having this fbboxmodel stay on the screen when I hover off the code even on this page.


So the bottom line is  how would I change the position of this generic avatar to both be in a slightly different location on my page and shrink to a smaller default image.

Also I don't know much about ASHX files accept I guess they are suppose to be handler files but I couldn't find this file in the root of my website as the path suggested it would be.  I am assuming it is somehow do to the dynamic nature of the file but I guess I want to know where is this gif placeholder image stored.  Is it in a database table and if so which one.


Honestly this is the first time I ran into a situation where I could absolutely not nail down the path  of a given image via inspector as I couldn't find a hard path to it just this ashx file which seemed cryptic to me. One place gave me a reference to sharedresources.resx and to look under property names starting with journel_ for the resource of this file but even in this resx file nowhere could I find this div tag with the id of fbboxmodel and no where could I find a path to the actual profilepic.gif file which appears to be the name of this file when you right click on it and go to save image as.


So either Sebsatian or another DNN guru who frequents on these forums would you mind helping me understand a bit about how I can gain access to this placeholder avatar picture in order to move it out of the way as well as help me to understand where to find the actual path that leads to this specific image weather it is in the database or in the filesystem as I would like to understand more about how this ashx extension in this care operates.

If a file can be put away in such a stealth way as this it seems to me it is worth understanding how this all operates as it could be a good way of protecting stuff you don't want people to easily access on a whim and take.


So in short how do I go about tracing this ashx file or any ashx file for that matter to find where the source in this case the gif file is stored as well as where the properties that place this image in an absolute position is stored so I can manuevor the left and top margins as well as shrink the size so it is not such an eye sore.


Thanks, again,



HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...changing the position of the provile avatarchanging the position of the provile avatar

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