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7/9/2006 10:16 AM

The easiest way to get rid of the sitelog is to turn it of in the Host settings and then run from the Host Menu -> SQL:

truncate table sitelog

You could also use 'delete' but I guess that will time out.

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10/18/2006 11:04 AM

So what would be a nice way to reduce the size of EventLog table..? And Safe Way? Maybe:

DELETE FROM EventLog WHERE LogCreateDate<15/10/2006

Is anything likely to go wrong - in anyone's experience? Or maybe there is a better/nicer way..???

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10/18/2006 1:36 PM
I have needed to do it manually just like you show.  It worked and I am not aware of any issues caused by it.  My only suggestion is to run the query using Query Analyzer not the SQL Manager because the SQL Manager tends to timeout easily.

Best Regards,

Robert J Collins | Co-Founder & President

Netlogic Corporation

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11/16/2006 8:44 AM

I was going to make a backup before attempting to delete some portals in my db that did not get created properly because of some issue that has yet to be resolved. Well, in WH4L my db backup just hung up. I went and looked at the size at it was over 1GB for only 10 moderately active websites and about 10 child portals for demo sites.

I ran the procedure referenced above and found that my Sitelog and EventLog were nearly 900MB but mostly is shows as Unused space. So what causes this? I have tried to pull up my Sitelog to see what is going on, but it just times out. I want to truncate my sitelog, but for some reason all of a sudden I cannot login to my site. I can get to the Home page but no other pages. What will happen if I truncate the Sitelog without turning off logging? Will it try to log the deletions and compound my problem?

Table                                                   Rows            Tot Space   Used Space                         Unused Space

EventLog 23549 755416       194760 KB 56 KB 560600 KB
SiteLog 266844 117888       102768 KB 3448 KB 11672 KB

Forerunner Communications, LLC
DotNetNuke Integration Specialists

New Post
11/16/2006 8:58 AM


It wont hurt to truncate either log without turning off logging.

The amount of free space is caused by settings on the DB in SQL server.  I am surprised that WH4L lets it get that large with all that empty space.

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HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityGeneral Discuss...General Discuss...Database size is hugeDatabase size is huge

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