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3/18/2015 3:15 PM

Hi folks:

So I hope this doesn't spark some flaming, but I want to add a blog to my new website. We just launched ( on 3/5/2015. 

I was reviewing the blogging modules and was pretty unimpressed. So what i'm thinking I'd like to do is use Wordpress.

My existing DNN site is a single portal install. My hosting provider (WinHost) allows additional applications to be installed at an application starting point in a subfolder. So I'm wondering if I created /BLOG (, if DNN will intercept that URL and prevent the sub-application from running.

I could always get another hosting account and do But I'm just wondering if DNN wCMS would interfere with a sub application if I decided to try that route first.

 (I use winhost for another customer. We have a Joomla site in the root, and wordpress in a subfolder. Both run fine).


But since DNN seems to process /rewrite the URLS, I'm wondering if it would prevent proper access to a subapplication.


Thanks for the advice. And sorry to DNNers out there. No disrespect intended, but Wordpress blogging is so much richer and appropriate for our needs than what I see in the paid modules. I know there'd be issues with integrated security and search (like NOT having any!).


But I'm just not finding the blogging modules offered for DNN to be comparable in capabilities for the added costs.


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3/18/2015 8:24 PM

As wordpress is NOT an application - dnn should ignore it as a rule - treating it like a simple folder and not doing anything to it - at a worst case you might need to set up a rule in the rewriter to ignore that folder depending on your current setup.

But - I would have to ask - what exactly are you needing from wordpress as a 'blog' that can not be replicated by sunblog or maybe liveblog.   

You loose the dnn security and permissions system, you loose the dnn skin and layout, you loose the dnn menu management engine, you loose native dnn indexing, you loose the native dnn seo friendly url rewriting.   (and fwiw if you are running wordpress under iis you also dont have the .htaccess features you would have access to if running apache.   

Make sure you check the Wordpress site for how to resolve a number of issues with wordpress under iis.


New Post
3/19/2015 9:36 AM

Thanks, Westa.

You bring up issues I understand will need to be contended with if I go down that route. I have run Wordpress on IIS, as many others have. 

The issues of the lack of integration (skinning, security, etc.), are things that give me pause. But the maturity of Wordpress and it's capabilities and full ecosystem pales in comparison to the couple of modules for blogging using DNN community edition modules (purchased separately).

For example, in looking at Sunblog, I was turned off right away. First, their demo blog posts don't even work. I figure if a company can't even maintain it's own product demo pages, it's not worth spit. I don't want one guy out of a house in Sri Lanka to base my business needs on.

The most professional and appealing module is EZDNNNews. I am considering that. What if there are updates to the core platform and it breaks the blogging capability. How long will it take for the vendor to get it resolved? How many people are at that vendor?  Contrast that with a mature and comprehensive Wordpress support network and community. EZDNNNews looks better than Sunblog. But again, who's behind it?  A couple guys?

I'm balancing all that I get with a full ecosystem like Wordpress (themes, plugins, woocommerce, etc.). And I'm also thinking that it'd be two eggs in a basket, instead of one.

I know some of you might find this topic to be a challenge.  DNN is still a good platform and I've been reasonably pleased with using it to launch my company's latest site. I'm just not sure how much deeper i want to go with DNN. With the line between the commercial product and the community edition, something new to me since I last used DNN, it makes me uncomfortable to see how much is not included in the community platform. And when you turn to independent module vendors to supplement the community edition, the support network gets even smaller.

I truthfully say that I love DNN, but am having a hard time reconciling some of my concerns moving forward. You guys are great, and I mean that. It reminds me of the experiences with the early DotNetNuke movement.

This site I'm doing is a business site for a company with sales in the millions. I want the site to have legs and expect it to run for 3-5 years still.It's not a high volume site at all, nor is it complex. But it's crucial that we have "legs" with the website tools we are using as they are an integral part of our sales processes.

I'm just not so sure Sunblog is going to be around, or the guys at EZDnnNews. I'm sure EVOQ will be around and the DNN community here, and I'm sure WordPress will still be a dominant force out there as well.

Just spilling my thoughts out. Thank you for helping me try to understand the implications of each choice. I am truly grateful. I'm just trying to do right by my company. Love the wCMS that DNN is. Just uncomfortable with the supplemental blogging vendors.

Anyone here use EzDNNNews for blogging? Recommendations?

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