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7/22/2014 8:15 PM

DNN Platform v7.3.1

DNN Blog v6.0.7 upgraded from v4.1.1

Blog permissions:  All Users - View Comments and Add Comment

No users are able to add a new comment, or to like, dislike, report, approve, delete, or reply to an existing comment. In all cases a network trace shows errors along the lines of "<website>/DesktopModules/Blog/API/Comments/<action> 404 (Not Found)"

This happens with a host user, an admin user, a registered user, and an anonymous user.

Other modules, as well as DNN administrative modules, are able to make Web API calls with no error. I have verified that DotNetNuke.Modules.Blog.dll appears correct in the website /bin folder. I have peeked at the source code, and it is behaving as if the call to each of these services is failing the security check (I.E. -  <BlogAuthorizeAttribute(Services.SecurityAccessLevel.AddComment)>, etc.)

Is there some configuration step I am missing? The commenting buttons and links appear appropriately, in that anonymous users get the option to add a comment and administrative users get options to approve/delete comments. The blog owner can add new posts and edit existing posts. It is only the commenting features that seem to be failing, and again it appears to be due to permissions at the web service level.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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7/23/2014 9:31 AM
Some follow-up information: A clean install of the blog module on a different DNN instance on the same machine (also DNN Platform v7.3.1) works fine for comments and karma. So this is something to do with an upgraded blog vs a brand new blog.

Also, pulling the latest source of the blog module and replaced the BlogAuthorizeAttribute on the comment Add function with an AllowAnonymous attribute to see if it really was a security issue, and got the same 404 error.

I am at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this further.
New Post
7/23/2014 10:56 AM
More additional info: The routes are definitely being mapped. I increased the Log4Net setting to ALL and captured the following:

2014-07-23 10:40:50,377 [Sexy][Thread:10][TRACE] DotNetNuke.Web.Api.Internal.ServicesRoutingManager - Mapping route: Blog-Blogs-0 @ DesktopModules/Blog/API/Blogs/{action}
2014-07-23 10:40:50,379 [Sexy][Thread:10][TRACE] DotNetNuke.Web.Api.Internal.ServicesRoutingManager - Mapping route: Blog-Comments-0 @ DesktopModules/Blog/API/Comments/{action}
2014-07-23 10:40:50,380 [Sexy][Thread:10][TRACE] DotNetNuke.Web.Api.Internal.ServicesRoutingManager - Mapping route: Blog-Posts-0 @ DesktopModules/Blog/API/Posts/{action}
2014-07-23 10:40:50,381 [Sexy][Thread:10][TRACE] DotNetNuke.Web.Api.Internal.ServicesRoutingManager - Mapping route: Blog-Terms-0 @ DesktopModules/Blog/API/Terms/{action}
2014-07-23 10:40:50,383 [Sexy][Thread:10][TRACE] DotNetNuke.Web.Api.Internal.ServicesRoutingManager - Mapping route: Blog-Other-0 @ DesktopModules/Blog/API/{controller}/{action}

When trying to submit a comment, the error returned is:
"Unable to locate a controller for http:///DesktopModules/Blog/API/Comments/Add. Searched in namespaces: DotNetNuke.Modules.Blog.Entities.Comments."

So the route is being mapped, the call is to the correct route and namespace, and the action exists.
New Post
7/23/2014 10:20 PM
I found the solution. When upgrading the Blog module, the installer left an incorrect older version of CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll in the site /bin folder. In my case what was still there was v2.4.0.0. The version of that .dll in the installer package is v2.5.0.0. I do not know why the installer is not properly updating that file. In any case, as soon as I copied the correct version of that .dll to the /bin folder, all of the Blog Web API methods began working correctly.

For anyone interested, the way I found it was that I backed up the database and filesystem of the site where it wasn't working, and then I uninstalled and reinstalled the Blog module. With the new installation I created a new blog and verified that the Comments were working. Then I did a diff of the filesystem between the broken and working versions. The only file differences (aside from a log file) were DotNetNuke.Modules.Blog.dll (the only difference was DateModified), and then CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll. When I compared the two versions of that, I saw that the one in the broken version of the site had an older version number. At that point I restored the filesystem and database to where I started, verified the Comments were broken, copied over the newer version of that .dll, and verified that Comments were working with that single change.
New Post
11/10/2017 9:13 PM
Although, your answer wasn't my fix as well... Thank you for posting your solution. This is really frustrating.

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