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7/1/2014 3:39 PM

Good Day Everyone! I'm completely new the DNN software (more familiar with CMS' such as Wordpress & Drupal). I've been able to create the master skin and create pages and skins where needed, but with this specific project I'm lost on how to get the menu to function correctly.

 Here is a link to what I need the menu to look like;


The problem is that I need the menu pages to be to left or right of the site logo and I can't seem to figure it out. 


I'm either using the standard menu that comes with DDN (DDR I believe) or Simple Menu.


In the html and css I have it set up as two div's each containing specific hard coded links but the client wants the menu system without losing the current format (as pictured in the image).


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks guys.

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7/2/2014 2:41 AM
Hi Rob,

You could split up the menu into 2 menus, 1 for the left of the logo and the other to the right.

I have just posted an answer in the Community Exchange : that might help you out.

Here's the DDR menu wiki : for more information.

Have a look at "NodeSelector" and "IncludeHidden" nodes.

Hope this helps you out,



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7/2/2014 10:14 AM
Thanks Geoff; I understand what you've said I just don't understand how to implement it.

I've verified that I'm using the DDR Simple Menu (it's the easiest one I can understand straight out of the box).

I'm using the following register and object id

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="MENU" src="~/DesktopModules/DDRMenu/Menu.ascx" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="MENU2" src="~/DesktopModules/DDRMenu/Menu.ascx" %>

I don't understand how or where to modify the function if not within the CSS file; this is very far from many system I've used previously and I'm still getting gaining traction with DNN.

thank you for your patience, information, and great lead into the right direction; hopefully my confusing can be cleared up a little more! :)

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7/3/2014 4:34 AM
I don't think you need 2 menu's

I would simple float the first 3 items left and the last three right.

A bit more on the DDR menu.
DDR menu is very flexible.
It's output template based, but if you don't select one the default template is used.
Templates can be based on XSLT, HTML or razor.

This is what I use:

<dnn:MENU MenuStyle="40FUlMenu" runat="server"></dnn:MENU>

And I have an xslt file a  40FUlMenu folder of the skin.
You can download LI menu xslt template here:


New Post
7/3/2014 12:11 PM
Thanks Timo; I really enjoy this suggestion of floating half of the menu to the left and half to the right, but I'm still having complications.

It seems as though my client is looking for more and more constraints on this project and they seem to be suffocating ><!!


#nav {
    float: right;
    position: relative;
#dnn_pnav li {
    position: relative;
    list-style: none;
    margin: 0;
    #dnn_pnav li ul {
        margin-left: 0;
#dnn_pnav > li {
    float: left;
    height: 30px;
    margin-right: 2px;
/*top level*/
    #dnn_pnav > li > a, #dnn_pnav > li > span {
        display: block;
        width: 75px;
       /* height: 75px; */
        padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
        font-size: 14px;
        font-weight: bold;
        color: #FFFFFF;
        text-decoration: none;
    #dnn_pnav > li > span {
        cursor: default;
    /*#dnn_pnav > li:hover > a, #dnn_pnav > > a {
        background-color: #FFFFFF;
        #dnn_pnav > li:hover > a:active {
            color: #FFFFFF;
    #dnn_pnav > li:hover > span {
        color: #FFFFFF;

This is the following CSS I have for the simple menu
(which is what my client WANTS to use)for the primary top level (instead of delete what I dont use, I comment it out) and I can see that there is an attribute to float right, and one to float left, however neither is changing the final layout.

Inevitably the client will want to add more menu items, a bridge that I'll cross eventually, but how do I have it float to the left and right of the logo while still being able to adjust for more than six links?

I wish I understood how DNN Functioned better; it was so much simpler in html.
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Skins, Themes, ...Skins, Themes, ...Customizing the Menu;Customizing the Menu;

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