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5/7/2014 11:30 AM
Hello- I've got my member directory cards set up nicely except one minor issue- I can't seem to find a way to display their email addresses publicly. In the site settings> user account settings> there does not appear to be a way to make the email address show publicly by default.

I've attached a screenshot here of what my directory cards look like to unregistered users.

Here is the code used for the directory card. Can anyone advise on how I can make this info show to all users, regardless of registration status?

<div class="mdMemberDetails" data-bind="css: {mdFriend: IsFriend(), mdFollowing: IsFollowing(), mdFollower: IsFollower() }">
    <a href="" class="mdMemberImg" data-bind="attr: { title: DisplayName, href: ProfileUrl }">
        <span><img data-bind="attr: { src: getProfilePicture(50,50), title: DisplayName }" /></span>
    <ul class="MdMemberInfo">
        <li class="mdDisplayName">
             <a href="" title="" class="mdMemberTitle" data-bind="attr: { title: DisplayName, href: ProfileUrl }, event: { mouseover: $parent.showPopUp }">
                <span data-bind="text: DisplayName"></span>
        <li class="mdTitle"><p><bold><span data-bind="text: Title"></span></bold></p></li>
        <li class="mdLocation"><p><span data-bind="text: Location()"></span></p></li>
        <li class="mdLocation"><span data-bind="text: ProfileProperties().Street"></span>
        <li class="mdPhone"><p><strong>Phone:</strong></p><span data-bind="text: Phone"></span></li>
<li class="mdEmail"><a href="#"><p><strong>Email:</strong></p><span data-bind="text: Email"></span></a>
<li ><p><p><strong>Fax:</strong></p><span data-bind="html: ProfileProperties().Fax"></span></p></li>
<li ><p><p><strong>Website:</strong></p><span data-bind="html: ProfileProperties().Website"></span></p></li>

    <ul class="mdHoverActions" data-bind="visible: !IsUser() && IsAuthenticated">
        <li class="mdFriendRequest" data-bind="visible: FriendStatus() == 0"><a href="" class="firstItem" data-bind="click: addFriend"><span data-bind="text: AddFriendText"></span></a></li>
        <li class="mdFriendPending" data-bind="visible: IsPending()"><p><span class="firstItem"><span data-bind="text: FriendPendingText"></span></span></p></li>
        <li class="mdFriendAccept" data-bind="visible: HasPendingRequest()"><a href="" class="firstItem" data-bind="click: acceptFriend"><span data-bind="text: AcceptFriendText"></span></a></li>
        <li class="mdFriendRemove" data-bind="visible: IsFriend()"><a href="" class="firstItem" data-bind="click: removeFriend"><span data-bind="text: RemoveFriendText"></span></a></li>
        <li class="mdFollow" data-bind="visible: !IsFollowing()"><a href="" title="" class="firstItem" data-bind="click: follow"><span data-bind="text: FollowText"></span></a></li>
        <li class="mdUnfollow" data-bind="visible: IsFollowing()"><a href="" title="" class="firstItem" data-bind="click: unFollow"><span data-bind="text: UnFollowText"></span></a></li>
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5/8/2014 4:30 AM

I'm afraid there's no easy way as in viewprofile.ascx.cs the email is treated as a special case i.e.

 string email = (ProfileUserId == ModuleContext.PortalSettings.UserId

                       || ModuleContext.PortalSettings.UserInfo.IsInRole(ModuleContext.PortalSettings.AdministratorRoleName))

                          ? ProfileUser.Email

                          : String.Empty;

As such only the user or a site admin/host can see the email address. The only options would be editing that code (not a good option), or adding a new profile property field (e.g. "visibleemail") and using that

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5/8/2014 12:16 PM
IMHO it would be a nice idea to add "calculated property" into user voice - this would allow calculated, fomatted and combined properties if needed.

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

dnnWerk - The DotNetNuke Experts   German Spoken DotNetNuke User Group

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HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Problem with Member DirectoryProblem with Member Directory

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