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New Post
4/11/2014 5:28 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have an existing site with a lot of member contributed files throughout several portals.

I'm moving my site to MS Azure and would like to move the files into azure storage as well. I grabbed a few modules that implement custom folder providers for azure (eg. Evotiva's cloud module) and was able to create a new azure folder and store files in it. So far so good.

I have a couple of questions: 

1. Is there a way(aside from writing custom code) to enable the azure folder providers for all my portals all at once, or do i have to do it one by one? (there are over 200 portals to work with)

2. Assuming that i have the azure folders for all my portals, what's the best way to point my existing page's links to the new cloud storage locations. I've thought that i may have to go through the html module's table and run some kind of 'update' script but i'm not sure if there are better/safer ways to do this.
Another option that occurred to me was to use a URLRewriter to simply point all the file links to the new azure storage.

3. Some of the files are private files, are there additional things to consider.

If i had to summarize my entire situation, how do i move all the files from all my portals into cloud storage(Azure) and ensure that all the links work?

Thanks a lot for your input, I appreciate it. DNN is a great platform to work with and has one of the smartest community i've seen. My account is new because i'm usually able to get most of my questions answered just by browsing the forums.


New Post
4/21/2014 8:27 AM

1. I don't believe there is a way - we are working to add this to 7.3.0 as far as I know though (ability to specify "cloud" folders for install and default folder type)

2. if your existing files were in dnn folders there should be no need - all access will be based around the internal folder and file id's, which will remain the same. Note: if someone was directly linking e.g. , that's a different case and you would either need to update the link, or do some url rewriting to redirect to the new location

3. private files are fine - we ship with support for secure database and secure filesystem (and as you've seen you can easily add alternative providers). In each case, files will be linked via "linkclick" links, which will verify the user and ensure they have access, and also use whatever settings are needed to load/stream the file.

Note: in general it's better for all this type of thing to happen with "new" sites as moving from one system to another when there are a lot of files, is riskier. You may want to consider a hybrid where you only move important files (that you want secured, or protected by cloud storage redistribution - or CDN capabilities).

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HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...DNN Azure and cloud storageDNN Azure and cloud storage

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