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2/11/2014 2:04 PM

Hi everybody,

i have a little problem localizing a skin for a website.

On the bottom of the skin there is an image that allow to go back to top of the page.

<a href="<%= SkinPath %>#" id="slide_top" rel="tooltip" title="Scroll back to Top" ResourceKey="Testo"></a>

i need to localize the text "Scroll Back to Top" in various language.

I already try using "<DNN:TEXT>" tokem but it injects some HTML and not only localized text.

I already look into text.ascx.cs to search for that HTML code and create a custom DNN:TEXT token but with no luck.

Any idea on how to localize that string ?



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2/11/2014 6:49 PM

I've never really tried doing this, but, if you reference DotNetNuke's localization namespace, you can probably do an inline expression to get the string. So, if you did something like:

title="<%= Localization.GetString("Testo","(path to resource file)") %>" That might work...

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2/11/2014 8:14 PM

Hi Mike,

i have added 

<%@ Import Namespace="DotNetNuke.Service.Localization" %>

in the top of the skin and

<a href="<%= SkinPath %>#" id="slide_top" rel="tooltip" title="<%= Localization.getstring("Testo.Text",SkinPath) %>"></a>

but no value is returned.

The resource file is present in SkinPath/app_LocalResources and his name is the name of the

It works with DNN.TEXT because the resource TESTO i've already used with DNN.TEXT in the same skin.

Any idea?



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2/13/2014 1:03 PM

The easiest way to do this is to create a function that returns the correct text.

Something like


<script runat="Server">

     Private Function GetLocString() as String

        Select Case CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture.Name.ToString.ToLower
            Case "en-us"
                Return "Hello World"
            Case "nl-nl"
                Return "Hallo Wereld"
            Case Else
                Return "Nothing"
        End Select

    End Function



and this in the skin:  <%=GetLocString()%>

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2/13/2014 1:12 PM

I cannot edit my post or I loose the code I posted.

You should to put the script above the HTML in your skin's ascx file (I guess you know, but just to be sure)

HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Skins, Themes, ...Skins, Themes, ...Localizing Skin Localizing Skin

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