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2/8/2014 4:21 AM
Are there any plans to add a day view or is it easy to change week view to day view (I don't need week, only day/month/list)
Ideally the days on calendar would be hyperlinked to day view. Also, limit # of events shown per day to x and then show 'more' button, taking you to day view.
I guess while I'm asking for the moon ... any way to specify that default view is calendar but if browser size is less than 480?, to switch to list view? I'm thinking the calendar view isn't that friendly on cell phones.
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2/8/2014 5:01 AM

Hi John,

I've looked at the week view before to see if it can act as a day view, but no it isn't possible. There is a Day View in the module accessible from calendar view if you disable month view cell events in Month View settings. This will link to a list view or the details of the event if there is only one event on the day.

Potentially we could add features show # events before linking to day view. Also I think we do need to add a capability to switch views automatically for small screen devices. That may not necessarily be on pixel count but on screen size (as pixel density gets higher).

Please could you raise these requests on our CodePlex site, which you can get to via the link in my signature.



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