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New Post
2/5/2014 3:49 PM

Roger and I are discussing the future of the Events module and we have made some tough decisions.

To start: the next major release(s) will bring breaking changes to the module. In order to be able to move forward we decided to drop some functionality and make room for new functionality.

The major thing that we will drop is the payment for Events. Payment has never been very popular and we did not have much options available apart from PayPal. From the start, we hoped that the DNN core would provide a payment mechanism which we could link to Events. The current PayPal mechanism is limited in usability, complex in programming and incorporates a lot of work to maintain. Exit payment.

We are discussing (since long) to replace the current calendar by a new calendar/schedule control, The Telerik RadSchedule comes into view. We have not decided on this yet, but we do want to replace the current calendar by something more flexible. The back side is that the theming of the calendar will be completely different. Current themes will stop to work and any of you who have created a them yourself will have to create a new one.

In line with our choices, we have cleaned the list of issues on CodePlex and closed the ones that do not fit our roadmap. Sorry about that, but we have to make choices.

The good news is that this enables us to move forward with the limited amount of resources we have (we are). A last (?) bug fix release is in the works, and major changes will follow after that. Stay tuned!

XCESS expertise center b.v.
Ernst Peter
LinkedIn Profile Ernst Peter Tamminga

XCESS: DNN/Evoq specialist, zie

Events 7.0.1 - Released
Reports 6.1.0 - Released
New Post
4/11/2014 10:57 AM

Is there a planned launch date (quarter/year) for the next major release?

Mike Bussiere

New Post
4/11/2014 4:30 PM
With Invenmanager going offline and now the core Events module being scaled back (and what about Telerik? are they going to allow an MIT license to utilize their technology?), looks like anyone wanting a decent events module may have to consider forking the existing one.

 Atlantic Webfitters
New Post
4/11/2014 4:41 PM
Interesting the term scaling back. Currently we have two challenges with the module:-

- Firstly, we have many requests that would make an already complex module completely unwieldy, hence the need to try to focus our future development.
- Secondly, my personal work style has changed meaning I have significantly less time to invest an sad the main development resource that had impacted progress.

Ernst Peter any myself have been working on the module for about six years now, and would welcome additional support in development. In fact EPT has posted here requesting support on a number of occasions with little response.

Rather than forking the code, why not join the team and contribute to the progress of the module, your input would be welcome :-)

Events - Get the latest version - Upgrade now!!
Feedback 6.4.2 - Now available - Give it a go!
Find us on Codeplex - DNN Events, DNN Feedback
Requirements/Bugs - Please submit them on Codeplex
New Post
4/11/2014 4:54 PM
I'm finally at a place where I'm developing a team to support some of the codeplex modules. I, for one, certainly appreciate all your hard work guys, truly inspiring. I wish the DNN Community consisted of more people like you, Roger, Ernst. If either of you are available to freelance support to those who are in hot water over the loss of Invenmanager support, please email me:

 Atlantic Webfitters
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