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1/7/2014 3:52 PM

I run a website for a club sports facility. We would like to use the "Member Directory" to track coaches, staff members, etc rather than our membership. Membership is actually handled by a different SaaS provider.

 Until now, we've hand built HTML modules for each of our coach/staff positions and posted various pages. I'd rather be able to use the fields in the member directory to manage the content and then display it.

The "Vanity URL" seems like a good way to show the whole profile, but I don't want to have to log into each individual account. I've actually disabled registration and we plan to build an account for each coach individually so we have a little more control over the layout, content, photo, etc.

This really boils down to 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to automate the construction of a vanity URL and portal? I've tried tweaking the setting in the UserPortals table but it didn't seem to work so I'm presuming there are other settings involved as well.
  2. Is there a way to apply different templates to the views, such as "Thumbnail", "Business Card", and "Profile" where they might have different content?
  • Thumbnail = "40X60px photo, Display name, email address"
  • Business card = "80X120px photo, Display name, team coaching, email, phone"
  • Profile = "200X300px photo, display name ,team coaching, email, phone, biography"

I've played with the member directory module a little, but think that might be overkill without having parameterized queries. Is there a way to build a URL and pass in the query?

 Appreciate the guidance.


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1/8/2014 10:55 AM
1. I don't recommend making direct database updates, you can break application integrity and cause problems (particularly when upgrading). Instead it's better to do this via the API - take a look at DNN Platform\DotNetNuke.Web\InternalServices\ProfileServiceController.cs in the source package, the UpdateVanityUrl method contains all you need (you obviously have to tweak it to work within a module and to use different userid's not just the logged on user). 2. no, only the built in templates can be altered ( directory) . The member directory uses service framework methods (i.e. web service requests) to return data and then simply binds it via knockout - you could use the same service framework methods and do your own layout (though some people would use to generate a relevant view)

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1/8/2014 11:41 PM
Cathal - thanks for the quick responses. I'm pretty new to DNN and trying to balance out the breadth of possibilities against maintenance. It's obviously pretty easy for someone to build and link to an HTML-based module, but I think we can maintain standard outputs a little better if we use the tool, data stores, etc. With that in mind....

1) We plan to manually enter the user profile for each user, and probably NEVER log into it. Option 1) have our entry person put in a simple password, log into the account, and enable the VanityURL, then go back and disable the password or account. Quick, painless, fairly straight forward. Option 2) build on the services framework, cool for the geek trying out new code, downstream pains for maintenance. I'll probably go with Option 1.

2) Since the built-in templates are limited and somewhat limited in their ability, I'll pass on them.

2A) The service framework sounds interesting, but I looked at the report module today and it seems a little more straight forward. Should I be concerned about the performance impacts of SQL requests for each frame of an accordian or tabbed pane? I don't think it would be much more than other module loads. I'd thought about something like "../Reports_Thumbnail.aspx?displayname=bill.sherman" to pull the thumbnail, "../Reports_Bio.aspx?displayname=bill.sherman" for the detailed view. Do I need a different page or module for each type of report created?

I plan to work this out over the weekend and will let you know how it goes.

Appreciate the help.
New Post
1/11/2014 5:46 PM

Anything is possible in DNN if you think the idea thru a little - there are a number of form and list type modules out there that could greatly help you automate the sort of things you are trying to do.

Have a look at - their XMod tool lets you build pretty much anything you can imagine using database driven templates and layouts.

If you have no plans to log these people in - you dont really even need to use the DNN membership tables - you could just create a custom table that you populate however you want.   XMod also lets you create create,read,update,delete modules on the fly.

Another option if you are up for a little coding - would be to make some simple custom modules that do exactly what you want in terms of layouts etc - the new CreateModule tools in dnn7 make it very easy to get started - and you could build around either the existing DNN membership tables OR a custom table.


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1/15/2014 9:59 PM
I looked at the Reports module, but it hasn't been updated in a while. Looks like DNN v5.5 was latest release. A few compatability issues already identified with DNN v7.2 (which I'm running). Any idea if it will be updated to v7.2?
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