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New Post
5/18/2006 8:29 AM

I have a few questions, ideas and bugreports about the current faq beta:


  • What is the current purpose of categories? Is that something that is under development? Right now the only place a category shows up is in the answer (if used in the template) The way i would have envisioned usage of categories in faqs is that there are a few ways to show the faqs with categories:
    • list of categories, and clicking a category will filter the faq list. User will have ability to view all faqs.
    • admins can set a fixed category for a module, in essence filtering the list always by the same categories
  • Nested categories would make the system much more versatile
  • when adding a faq, if no category is selected, the record is saved, but is not visible afterwards. It would be usefull to have faqs w/o categories though....
  • I think the use of categories can also be beneficial to other modules (such as announcements, links, documents...) I think the implementation of a category feature should be a core implementation, so every other module can use that to categorize content. A central location for categories will also give way to features like categorized pages: filter all modules on a page by a certain category. That way, you could have announcements, faq, links and downloads all for one category grouped in one page.


  • The ajax feature is very cool, however, on my test server it took a second or so to get the answer. Would it be possible to show some kind of "please wait, loading" message / icon (just like in the DNN TreeView control)
  • Like i said... AJAX is cool, but on busy sites it will generate extra postbacks wich might be inefficient. Why not also adding a client side only solution (like dynamically adding the dnn section header for questions or something), that will give the same experience for endusers. Also an option to expand and to collapse all items would be nice


  • There are some missing resource keys, some of them are visible when "showMissingKeys" in web.config is set to true. If you want i can give you a complete list of problems



Erik van Ballegoij, Former DNN Corp. Employee and DNN Expert

DNN Blog | Twitter: @erikvb | LinkedIn: Erik van Ballegoij on LinkedIn

New Post
6/7/2006 5:54 PM

Thanks for the input on the faq project. I am aware of the issues you mention and totally agree that Categories should be a *core* feature. Having a multi-purpose hierarchical Category Controller would be the optimal solution. I will spend some time thinking more around the categories stuff, maybe even drop it for this first version.

AJAX functionality must be optional because of the heavy server load some sites encounter. I will give priority to this item.


New Post
5/4/2007 3:28 PM

We were thrilled to find that managing categories was available for the FAQs module. This helped reinforce our plan of creating queried links from specific FAQ categories that would filter everything else but our specific topic. We were dissappointed to see that the logical development of this module was not finished. At least that's what everything points to. Is this true? Is there an update released or an update planned? Let me know if this will be a core function or if we need to develop a custom solution or search around for a better mouse trap.



New Post
5/23/2007 11:57 AM

Any news on this?  The lack of grouping by category is pretty much killing the usage of this module for me.  Any ideas when this will be addressed?  Roadmap?


New Post
6/18/2007 4:22 PM

I agree completely.  There's no point in categorizing FAQs if they're not going to show up that way.  Anybody know of a commercial solution fo rthe same?  Good opportunity for somebody.

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