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12/13/2007 4:10 PM

Not having any luck with the Chart Visualizer to work.  I think because of the complexity of query being performed, it is throwing an exception:

"Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type"  because the Chart visualizer is attempting to populate the chart using columns that don't really exist in the table.

If I do a Grid, I get the "job" report results just fine such as:

Month Year Requests Approvals Completions
7 2007 20 15 14
8 2007 10 9 16
9 2007 9 12 15

Would it be possible to render the chart of the result set as opposed to dynamically building the chart from the query directly? Or am I mistaken in how it pulls the chart data?

If the 'chart' functionality was an extension of the grid visualizer, I could simply state my Axis titles and the chart (multiple line plots) could be built using the first row as the categories and the underlying results as the plot points, no?

Forgive any incorrect assumptions here... I'm not really a programmer, I just play one using DNN.  :)

New Post
12/15/2007 9:44 PM

I'm not quite sure what would be causing the exception. Can you post your Chart Visualizer Settings and Query? If you don't want to post it for everyone to see, you can also email me at: andrew DOT nurse AT dotnetnuke DOT com and I'd be happy to help.

The Chart Visualizer is fairly limited in the current version and only creates Bar charts with one Bar produced for each row. If you have specific charting-related features you need, feel free to post them here and I'll log them into our Bug/Feature Tracker for future development.

At the moment, I'm the only developer on this project so I'm a little strapped for time (since this is a part-time volunteer effort ) and this means some components go without major improvements (the Chart Visualizer is one of these). Hopefully, in the new year I'll be able to get some more developers on the team and we can start cranking out the releases a little more often.

If you still need something more powerful than the Chart Visualizer and can't wait for future versions, you can check out the "Reporting Services" Visualizer, which lets you create more detailed reports and display them in the Reports Module. You can get more info on Reporting Services here: Note, you DO NOT need to have a license to SQL Server or SQL Server Reporting Services to use the "Local Mode" Reports, those are handled by your web server. You can design reports in Visual Studio or in the free Visual Web Developer Express tool (with this add-in)

Andrew Nurse
DotNetNuke Core Team Member and Reports Module Project Lead
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

New Post
5/8/2008 3:31 AM

Only thing that you can do is open the source code and recompile the ZedGraph solution including:

[assembly: AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers ] 

in the AssemblyInfo file, the new two DLLs generated could be used with Medium Trust in hosting servers.

I posted the two DLL files here if you want to download its from my website.

Good luck
Israel garcia

New Post
12/13/2012 12:30 PM


Are the DLL files with medium trust enabled available for download?  The link provided in your prior post from years ago is no longer valid.  Otherwise if any one else has working Zedgraph medium trust assemblies I would greatly appreciate it.


HomeHomeDNN Open Source...DNN Open Source...Module ForumsModule ForumsReportsReportsChart visualizer does not renderChart visualizer does not render

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