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1/6/2018 12:28 AM
FWIW, I think that DNN Corp has changed it's attitude towards all things community. Hiring Clint Patterson as the Ecosystem Manager, establishing 4 Ecosystem Advisory Group, and doing all sorts of things to encourage transparency are just of the few, dare I say AMAZING, changes that have come. Then there are the very open periodic webinars featuring Andy Tryba and others, as well as publishing recordings of various group meetings.

And a slight plug -- come to DNN Summit in Denver next month and experience the changes first hand. You can also volunteer to take part in the changes.

Joe Craig
Patapsco Research Group, Ellicott City, MD
DotNetNuke Development and Services (
New Post
1/7/2018 3:26 AM
Finding dependable links for DNN downloads and modules over the last few years has been frustrating. It reminds my of trying to find anything to do with Crystal Reports (not a good thing).

Every-time DNN changes hands there is a promise of improvement, however IMO, the new management just don't get the grass-roots origins of DNN and the importance of these forums.

If new management were serious, they would post here on the forums and mix it up with the actual users of DNN. This has not been the case AFAIK.

New Post
1/8/2018 3:30 PM
Looks at post from 10/31 where DNN Corp employee posted.....

Chris Hammond
Former DNN Corp Employee, MVP, Core Team Member, Trustee Software Solutions DotNetNuke Module Development, Upgrades and consulting. a chat room for DotNetNuke discussions
New Post
2/16/2018 1:33 PM
Seems like DNN Corp hired new bureaucrats and dumped developers. Now new release for almost YEAR! Only progressing amount of webinars and meetings
New Post
2/16/2018 3:14 PM
9.1.1 was released in July 2017, and it's certainly not an year out. Currently DNN's processes around Engineering, Support, etc. are still aligning with the larger company, and hence the delay in the next release. We want to make sure it's a quality release. Currently, 9.2 is in final stages of testing, though I suspect it's still couple of weeks out from getting handed over... but it's coming... Fast forward to Q2.. I believe the release frequency will increase a lot.

Ash Prasad
Director of Engineering
DNN Corp.
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