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New Post
3/3/2011 10:58 AM

I need to create PDF files in a module I'm developing, I remember there use to be a PDF creation feature in past versions of DNN, similar to the "print" button you could hide/show as part of the container, but for version 5.6.1 that button is not available anymore. Can you tell me if that feature is still available? I want to try it by myself before purchasing an add-on.

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3/3/2011 12:52 PM
I do not recall any such button you are describing.

Take a look at these links.  The first link is the .NET version.  The 2nd is the home page of the authors.  They have written 2 books and there are many samples.

New Post
3/3/2011 5:32 PM
I have added PDF support to one of my modules -- this is not easy.  Depends on what you are looking to do.  My SQLGridSelectedView module allow the user to export the resulting grid to PDF. -- but I only support a handful of fonts, and predefined the look of the PDF page generated.  To do this, I had to implement a limited PDF document generation library into my module.  This took signicant effort to debug the routines as the PDF specificiation is very demanding.  

I have been working with DNN since V2 and DNN has never supported PDF in any version that I am aware of, so you are possibly thinking of a third part module that implemented a Page capture display using PDF.  This would typically use a third party library to capture and render the page.  Such libraries are not cheap and many have restrictive licences as the libraries are expensive to develop. 

You need to determine what exactly you want to generate as PDF.  Adding the iTextSharp library (it's free) as a dependency to your site is doable, but to create a generic PDF page print module, will require many hours of development using such as library. 

If you have a need to generate PDF reports -- consider SQL report writer.  There are several modules that will launch the saved reports.

Hopes this help you understand why DotNetNuke does not support PDF out of the box,
New Post
4/27/2013 10:44 PM

Yes. I agree with you. It is not easy to achieve you goal only by youself.

Choosing an add-on is a good choice.

But I have never tried to do so. What about you ?

Recently, I 'm recommended a free trial of an add-on offered by Yiigo. A friend of mine said that it is very conveniet and also could be user-defined pretty well.

Have you got any idea about it?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Many thanks.




New Post
4/29/2013 4:05 AM

If you are looking to just generate a pdf of a report - say for example to replicate content that are are displaying using a dnngrid - then you can bypass most of the complex pdf issues by just using the built in export to pdf features that part of the radgrid which is the basis for dnngrid.

This works pretty well for most of our client needs - and also does export to excel and csv as well.

Alternatively - if you need to do a custom pdf layout - have a look at textsharp -  - it lets you create pdfs dynamically - and also manipulate the contents of existing pdfs.


HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...Building ExtensionsBuilding ExtensionsModulesModulesCreate PDF filesCreate PDF files

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