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10/9/2013 4:30 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm very new with DNN, but my company want to develop with DNN 7 for a project. And I found everything about DNN, I saw some videos of DNN. But I just see it on DNN 6. Are they same?  And I still don't know where I have to start? I want to know how to create a module in DNN 7. 

I saw this video and try to do by myself, but I failed. 

Tell me more, what I have to do, and where I start from? I really need it.

Thank for reading, answering. 

Sorry, my english is not good.

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10/9/2013 5:16 AM

First there are own Videos and tutorials on this site, also the wiki will be helpful.

 With the times some library are upgraded eg. the jQuery and jQueryUI library that is included in DNN (last Change on DNN 7.1).  Some changes have Major code changes that need to update the module code and release a new Version.  A Module could only installed on the Version you have developed with or higher (if the new Version have no Major changes that effected your Version).  Personaly I would start with DNN 7.1.0 . 

On codplex you can find some opensource Modules where you can have a look how they have created thier modules.  Also there are some developer templates availible to start a Project on Visual Studio.   But you can also start with DNN using the Starter Kit package you can find on codeplex. It included also Project templates.  On the web.config file debug have to be enabled or set to true.

As the DNN Framework based on .Net 4.0 you are free of coding on c#, or vb.

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10/9/2013 5:35 AM
Because I'm new, so I don't know where to find the documents or example projects on codeplex. I don't know what is avaliable to dnn 7. I don't know the difference of dnn6 and dnn7 and are the videos of dnn6 avaliable to dnn7.
please show me some projects on codeplex that I can use them on dnn7.
Thank you.
New Post
10/9/2013 6:24 AM

Basicly the most of DNN 6 could also used on DNN 7.  Of course there are some Major code changes on Major Releases, but most of the Framework code on DNN 6 will work on DNN 7.   One Point is that the latest Versions of DNN 6 have changed webservices to WebAPI and the jQuery and jQuery UI Version was changed on 7.1. 

You can found DNN Projects on codeplex searching about DNN or Dotnetnuke !  A lot of this Project are have Releases for DNN 6 and 7, but you have to check the requements of those modules.

One module I have create with DNN 4 still works without changes on DNN 7.  But in the next times I will recheck the code, and searching for issues - still no issues reported.

One Project that was at last updated to DNN 7 is the blog module.  It is a bit more complex and uses module templates.

Also you can check the Forge you can found on Community - Download section on this site for modules, Skins and Providers.  There most of times also links to the codeplex Project where you can find the source.


New Post
10/11/2013 12:27 AM
Big thanks for Matthias Schlomann, I follow the series of Create Taskmanager and it seems to be good for me.

And I have a question, what a bout speed of DNN7. Is Dnn7 faster than DNN6. I see the speed is slow, I don't know how to speed up it. Can you give me some advices or tips.

Thanks again.
HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...Getting StartedGetting StartedHow to start with DNN 7How to start with DNN 7

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