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New Post
8/29/2009 9:11 AM

 Who's best Dotnetnuke Hosting? 

That's a real har choice! My experience with Webhost4life till present is good, I didn't try with other web hostings with my DNN website, I see some of DNN web hosting can be found

Wish you can find the best DNN web hosting for yourself!

Good luck!

New Post
3/5/2010 5:18 PM


I am (was?) hosted with WebHost4Life since many years with MS VPS account...

Unfortunately, WebHost4Life has been bought by another company, and we have been asked to migrate to a new plateform (more info here)... The migration is currently pending (for more than 1 month in my case), and so far I was not able to run the DNN website on the new plateform.

Unfortunately, after spending hours with the support to try solving the problem, I am still alone with my problem and unable to migrate to the new plateform. That's a pity, the service was great, but now it is just unusable for DNN....    :-(

So if anyone has a similar experience or idea, I am willing to try something. Either staying with WH4L if there exist a solution, or migrating to a new company ??

I am looking for:

- semi dedicated hosting (with dedicated app pool)
- same price range (50 $ / month)
- 5 Go storage (currently using 2 Go but should stay in this range)
- Maximum 200 Go traffic per month
- Email functionnality (Smarter Mail or similar) with at least 100 alias and multiple email account (10 is ok)
(currently using 60 alias, 5 accounts)
- IMAP mandatory
- SMTP Server relay (no limit, or reasonnable limit, like 100 emails/hour)
- 2 DB and 2 domains
- Each DB with a limit of 300 Mb minimum (currently 50 Mb per DB)
- possibility to connect to the database remotely with the web (MyLittle Admin or similar)
- possibility to manually backup the database and to restore it (option for automatic backup is an advantage, backup to be downloaded manually is perfect)
- possibility to use FTP, 10 accounts (using currently 3 accounts)
- 301 redirect to
- Fast response time (no slow DNN please...) !!

Kind regards,


New Post
3/5/2010 7:08 PM
I haven't thought about DNN in a LONG time, but seems I was subscribed to this thread and got a notification email. I see the forums, the same forums that made me move on, were finally addressed and DNN has a new forum platform. Good job, guys. 1,000% better than the old ones at first glance...impressive.
New Post
3/5/2010 7:34 PM

I spoke too soon. lol

Why would I get an email alert notifying me of my own post; yea, I know I posted a new message and I know what thay message said...I posted it. I don't think I need a notification telling me what I already know, no? Good luck, guys...may the force be with you. :)

New Post
3/9/2010 12:12 PM

I too was with WebHost4Life for  number of years (2006).  They migrated my sites to their new platform 3/7/2010 obviously without testing their process.  I and my clients have been down for two days and the DNS entries have not yet been fixed.  Their tech support used to be good prior to this new platform move but are proving useless at this point.  They do not understand what a DNS A record is and why that is important to a web site and they ask me to be patient when the site has been down for two, going on three days for 15 sites.

Thus I was looking here for an alternative to WebHost4Life as my future with them is limited.  My advice is stay away from WebHost4Life.


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