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11/25/2010 3:38 AM

eCommerce on DotNetNuke is now fast, flexible and free with the award-winning NB_Store module suite. This VB.Net project supports multiple languages and tax levels. It features display templates, management roles, product attributes, stock control, image processing and much more!

Assistance with code, feedback, donations, documentation, and support are required in order to make any free open source product viable and successful for all. Please join up at Codeplex and offer your support.

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of NB_Store version 2.1.7 - Download Now

Development since version 2.1.0 has focused on three areas:

  1. Greater flexibility for those who want to build their own unique store
  2. More powerful and useful by default for those who want a working store immediately
  3. Sponsored developments for those who have had special requirements

NB_Store is a unique module suite in that it exposes so much of its configuration as templates. This has allowed DNN site builders to tailor the store entirely to their own requirements. The new release builds on this flexibility with many additional tokens and templates, and in particular, conditional content display tokens.

Such great flexibility can be a barrier for those without the skill or desire to create their own configuration, and to resolve this, we have created a set of templates, providing both an example of what is possible, and also a complete and fully functional store straight out of the box.

NB Store also has a growing list of features that are the direct result of sponsored community requests. This additional development option has seen NB Store implemented in some highly specialised ecommerce scenarios.

Screen shots of the new default theme - View Gallery

Highlights In this release

  • All new default theme
  • Checkout stage graphics
  • CSS buttons easily matched to your own theme
  • Display content either in jQuery tabs or cascaded down the page
  • Nearly all features are included in default theme
    • Models table
    • Wish list
    • Related products
    • Product code
    • Holiday/Catalogue/Closed mode
    • Specials pricing
    • Dealer pricing
    • Stock display
    • Sold out image
    • Sort-by dropdown
    • Any number of models per product
    • Display models as radio buttons or dropdown
    • 8 Images per product
    • 3 Options per product
    • 4 Downloadable files per product
    • Display sold-out status per model

New and improved

  • Super-quick setup from blank site to working store in 30 minutes
  • New conditional-content tokens provide full control over display
  • Optionally cache all images and thumbs to disk for a massive performance gain!
  • Merchant details templates for easy setup
  • New notification templates
  • Receipt template and button
  • Supports multiple payment gateways in one store
  • Supports integrated gateways
  • Add custom form fields to checkout stages
  • Gateway display template
  • Address collector template
  • Order details template
  • CSS template
  • Header templates for list, details and both views
  • Page title template for SEO
  • Add custom form fields such as date selection to dashboard reports
  • New report and scheduled task for searched words stats
  • Many new display tokens
  • Search is now on two words
  • New gateways eWayMHost, QuickPay, MultiSafePay
  • PayPal gateway now included by default

Various changes and tweaks

  • Categories with a Message are not counted as empty.
  • Option to override templates for a given product list module
  • List-view-only option for product list
  • Grid layout options exposed in Product list settings
  • Option to hide shipping calculation line in cart
  • Addition of "XX - Default" for country range shipping.
  • Shipping calc returns 0 for weight cost if cart total weight is zero.
  • Box fill percentage for shipping calculation
  • Exempt or apply tax per country
  • Per-product add to cart limit - at model level.
  • Show rather than hide out of stock models
  • Sold-out label on end of "out of stock" models
  • Smooth login option for registration-required stores

New installation assistance

General features

  • Genuinely free and open source module suite undergoing regular improvement and with plentiful community support
  • So fast you won't believe it's a DNN module
  • Greater design flexibility than any DNN store module
  • Template and customisation method offers nearly endless possibilities
  • Multiple menu systems - Grid, Patchwork, Breadcrumbs, jQuery Treeview, jQuery Accordion,
  • Product models and options - as many as you need
  • Related products
  • Wish-list feature
  • Full audit trail recorded
  • Complete multi-language support
  • Multi-portal support
  • Complete data and configuration import and export options
  • Reports interface
  • Quality image resizing on upload
  • Separate tabbed Back Office management page
  • Operate as catalogue, retail and/or wholesale store
  • Many advanced options to handle cart expiry, live stock display, image quality
  • Discount and coupon management
  • Email-only orders
  • Anonymous checkout support - No account required
  • Gateways for PayPal, SIPS, DPS PxPay, PayBox, Authorize.Net, DIBS, E-Way, SPplus, eWay MHost, QuickPay, MultiSafePay
  • Shipping based on quantity, price, weight, country, product, plus a free shipping value

Selected quotes from the community at Codeplex:

" I have seen many DNN modules, but this is without a doubt setting a very high standard. Congratulations to all! Keep up the good work."

"Fantastic, Every version get's better. Install - No problem Looking good. Many thanks"

" This is a fantastic product. This product get's better with every version."

" Best and most flexible webshop for DNN!"

"This is not only a "free" ecommerce DotNetNuke solution, it's one of the best, most stable ecommerce DNN modules I've used. It's easy to use too. Recommended for anyone who wants to set up a store in DNN."

"I had a very complicated set of business requirements that I had to satisfy, and this module was the only thing out there that could handle it. Well done!"

"I've looked around for several years, NB store stands out as the best free DNN ecommerce store. This is worth a look if you need a store module in DNN!"

"This DNN eCommerce shop is really getting some traction. Support is excellent. People behind are very motivated. Thumbs Up"

"This beta release has been more stable and has less bugs than a commercial package I had been using."

"Excellent DNN module for those who need a shopping cart. Only a light learning curve involved. The template design is perfect for making it your own look and feel. I found it easily fits my site's skins without a problem."

"Great Product, easy to use, flexible, thank you for your efforts!"

"Great module, I've managed to migrate all of my catalog from the crappy Ali-commerce store module and my site runs much faster, the module is very customizable and user friendly."

New Post
11/25/2010 7:52 AM
Awesome and great features considered it is Free. Keep the good works ;-)
New Post
1/5/2011 7:45 AM
hi I have exported products from Catalook in xml and csv format. ANd now i am trying to import it for NB store . but its not working . its giving an error of ProductRef field. Please let me know on this.
New Post
1/6/2011 3:17 AM
Hi Sandeep,
Have you read the section "Importing CSV file formats" in the documentation.html that's installed with NB_Store.....BackOffice>Admin>Help.

I've never used Catalook so I've never tried importing from it, but unless you re-format the XML or do a mapping of the CSV it's not going to work.

New Post
1/6/2011 3:18 AM
Also, the best place to get answers in on the codeplex forum for NB_Store...
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