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Session Survivor - Tips and Tricks on Supporting DotNetNuke
Longer Free DotNetNuke videos 15 minutes
Speaker(s): Jaspreet Bhatia
Category: Deleted

Everything seems to be working fine and out of the blue your site is unavailable. This sounds like a support nightmare, doesn't it? Not if you can rely on a well organized, well informed, and quick responding support organization that can resolve your issue no matter what the problem is.

After the purchase of the product, technical support is the lifeline from the product organization to the customer. In this session Jaspreet Bhatia, Technical Support Team Lead for DotNetNuke Corp, will talk to you about the 10 most common support questions that her support team receives. In discussing these issues, Jaspreet will talk about the underlying cause of the problem as well as how to fix it for your customers.

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