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A deep dive into DNN 7.0
Longer Free DotNetNuke videos 15 minutes
Speaker(s): Israel Martinez
Category: Deleted

At the dawn of software development history, programmers wrote software for other programmers. Life was simple. Programmers understood their own technical needs and we were able to produce software to serve those needs.

But over the last few years, the web has been busy evolving. Software is now expected to serve users from different functions, designing for emotional needs in addition to technical needs is now a must. Artists and developers have learned how to work together. DNN 7.0 is a great example of that, we have once more taken the leading WCMS in the Microsoft ecosystem and found the perfect point of intersection with the latest UI / UX patterns and techniques.

In this session we’ll do a deep dive into the UI / UX improvements and the new features that the version 7.0 will bring to our ecosystem.

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What is Liquid Content?
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