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DAL2 - A New Data Layer for a New Decade
Longer Free DotNetNuke videos 15 minutes
Speaker(s): Charles Nurse
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DotNetNuke is fast approaching its 10-year anniversary as an Open Source Software (OSS) project. During that time our Data .Access Layer has not changed very much. The SqlHelper class which our SqlDataProvider class uses was original written for use on .NET 1.1.

Data access methods have advanced considerably over the interceding years and so, with DNN 7, we are introducing a new modern Data Access Layer - DAL2. Based on the PetaPoco micro-ORM this new framework comes complete with support for modern Unit of Work and Repository patterns, as well as built in caching, paging, transaction support and other goodies. And it still provides complete support for close-to-the-metal data access like SqlHelper.

In this session, Charles Nurse, Senior Architect for DotNetNuke Corporation, will do a code-focussed deep dive into the DAL2, and show how it can be used to simplify a module developer's life

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